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Nine Police Officers Were Injured In Clashes With Protesters In Montenegro

Nine Police Officers Were Injured In Clashes With Protesters In Montenegro

Nine police officers were injured in overnight clashes with protesters in Montenegro, according to the country's Police Department.

"In yesterday's incidents, nine police officers were injured, ten police cars were damaged, and the buildings of the police and the municipality of Budva were damaged. Police decisive measures in Podgorica, Budva, Niksic, Bar, Pljevlja, Berane, Bijelo Polje has established a stable order and peace. Because of the incidents, administrative cases were opened against 54 people, 41 of them were deprived of their liberty," the report says.

Earlier on Wednesday, Montenegro's police fired tear gas to disperse protests in several cities in Montenegro, where citizens protested against police violence in Budva. In this tourist city, the opposition has been resisting the illegal, in its opinion, change of city authorities by Milo Djukanovic's ruling party for a week. Citizens of the city defended the opposition leadership of Budva after the head of the municipality of Budva, Makro Tsarevich, who was removed by the authorities, and his supporters were beaten during detention.

The social conflict in the country is aggravated by the continuing pressure of the Montenegrin authorities on the Serbian Orthodox Church. For holding protest services against the law on religious freedom adopted by the ruling party, criminal cases have been opened against the Metropolitan of Montenegro-Primorsk, as well as several bishops and priests.