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The US Has Sentenced Russian Hacker Aleksei Burkov To Nine Years For Cyber Fraud

The US Has Sentenced Russian Hacker Aleksei Burkov To Nine Years For Cyber Fraud

A court in the United States on Friday sentenced Russian Aleksei Burkov to nine years in prison for cyber fraud, according to The Washington Post.

The convicted man admitted his guilt and said in court that he was sorry for what he had done. "As a child, I met hackers, and it took me on the wrong path. It was only in prison that I realized how wrong I was behaving in life," said Burkov, whose words were translated into English in court.

The reports note that given the time already spent behind bars, Burkov will be released in 4.5 years.

In January, the US attorney's office in the Eastern District of Virginia reported that " Burkov pleaded guilty to fraud with access devices and conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, identity theft, fraud (...), and money laundering."

Burkov was wanted in the United States on charges of cyber fraud with loans.

According to court documents, Burkov ran a "Cardplanet" website that sold payment card numbers, many of which belonged to US citizens.

Besides, according to the US charges, Burkov ran an Internet forum on cybercrime, where hackers could communicate, plan cybercrimes, make purchases and sales of stolen goods and services, as well as offer their services.

Burkov was detained at Tel Aviv airport in 2015 when he came to Israel on vacation. He was later charged with crimes in the sphere of cybersecurity. He called himself a specialist in information security and long denied charges of committing the alleged crimes.