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Lukashenko Told About The Withdrawal Of $640 Million By Belgazprombank To Latvia

Lukashenko Told About The Withdrawal Of $640 Million By Belgazprombank To Latvia

The Russian authorities understood the reasons why Belarus launched an investigation against Belgazprombank, according to President Alexander Lukashenko, at a meeting with representatives of the Minsk region.

He said that during the Victory Day Parade on June 24 in Moscow, "I noticed that they saw it and understood it." "When we slammed this Gazprom Bank, they understood everything. Everyone is suffering: "Ah, Lukashenka put me in jail." We didn't invite anyone there. We act according to the law, as it has always been. But how else: 640 million dollars were laundered through the Bank and transferred to Latvia. The Americans have covered up this Bank – money laundering," Lukashenka is quoted as saying TUT.BY.

The President of Belarus explained why the investigative actions began only in June, by the fact that since December 2019, when it became known about money laundering, evidence was being collected. "We were not given this data for two and a half years. I say that if the Americans had not put pressure on the Latvian Bank last year – now there is an investigation-it is unlikely that they would have given this information. And most importantly, these bags of black money and paintings are being prepared for export from Belarus," he said. "We had to stop this action, so we had to carry out these measures at this time," Lukashenko concluded.

On June 12, Belgazprombank was searched, criminal cases were initiated against several former, and current employees of the Bank and 15 people were detained, including several top managers. In a joint statement, Gazprom and Gazprombank, which each owns 49.8% of Belgazprombank's shares, called the detentions illegal and announced plans to seek to protect their rights and legitimate interests by all available legal means. On June 19, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced the prevention of a plan aimed at bringing the country "to a certain Maidan." The day before, Viktor Babariko, former Chairman of the Board of Belgazprombank and a candidate for the post of President of Belarus, was detained. He was detained on suspicion of organizing a criminal scheme, said the Chairman of the state control Committee of Belarus Ivan Tertel. Babariko himself spoke about the political nature of the investigation around the Bank. At the meeting, Lukashenko urged not to make heroes out of "thieves" and "bourgeois bankers" of Belgazprombank and said that "they will not become prisoners of conscience."