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Another Knife Attack Happened In Glasgow

Another Knife Attack Happened In Glasgow

In the center of Glasgow on Sunday afternoon, there was the second incident in three days with the use of cold weapons. It happened on Argyle street, which was cordoned off, and nearby streets were also blocked, the Glasgow Times reports.

Police arrived at the scene at 12:10 local time after the emergency service received a call with a report of a young man lying on the street in blood. A witness reported that the victim left a local hotel and was stabbed by an unknown person who fled the scene. According to an eyewitness," screams" were heard on the street.

Police described the incident as a"targeted attack." The city administration clarified that the incident does not pose "a threat to the General public." Five police cars, ambulances, and resuscitators arrived at the scene, according to Glasgow Live.

The incident comes two days after six people, including a police officer and two teenagers, were stabbed in an attack by a migrant at a hotel in central Glasgow. It was home to asylum seekers, mostly from African countries. On Saturday, the name of the attacker became known - this is a native of Sudan, 28-year-old Badruddin Abdalla Adam. He was shot dead by special forces who arrived at the scene of the tragedy.

Neighbors described him as an unbalanced person who recently began to behave inappropriately. At the same time, the hotel staff was previously informed about the mental health problems of the migrant who organized the massacre. According to the BBC, about 100 asylum seekers were living in the Park Inn Hotel, where the drama unfolded. They were placed there for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Guardian, at the beginning of the isolation regime, about 380 refugees and asylum seekers were transferred from their accommodation to six hotels in the center of Glasgow. One man, who identified himself as Siraj, said the attacker told him on Thursday night that he was considering attacking other guests. He said: "Everyone here at the hotel is against me." Siraj alerted reception staff about the conversation on Thursday evening, but hotel employees chose not to contact the police and called the firm that handled the resettlement of refugees.

In response to the worsening crime situation in Glasgow over the past few weeks, police Scotland has issued an order allowing officers to stop and search any person or vehicle in the city.