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Apple Will Ship The iPhone 12 Without Headphones And A Charger

Apple Will Ship The iPhone 12 Without Headphones And A Charger

The new Apple iPhone 12 smartphone sets will not be equipped with headphones or chargers, according to the MacRumors portal, with reference to an analytical note from Barclays.

According to the portal, analysts at Barclays believe that Apple will try to reduce the cost of new iPhone smartphones as much as possible. To do this, the usually wired headphones and basic chargers will be excluded from the kits. It is noted that only the USB-C-Lightning cable will be supplied in packages with the new iPhones.

This solution may become inconvenient for Apple customers who do not have spare chargers. A basic 5-watt charger in Apple stores can now be purchased for $19, while the 18-watt charger included in the iPhone 11 kits costs $29.

The portal notes that earlier analysts at Barclays managed to correctly predict the appearance of True Tone for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone Jack on iPhone XS and iPhone XR models, and the removal of the 3D Touch function on all iPhone 11 models. However, these experts also made several erroneous predictions, including the statement that the iPhone 11 will receive a MIMO 4×4 antenna. It is expected that the iPhone 12 line of smartphones will be introduced in the fall of 2020.