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L'Oreal Will Remove The Words "White," "Light," And "Brightening" From The Names Of Creams

L'Oreal Will Remove The Words "White," "Light," And "Brightening" From The Names Of Creams

French cosmetics company L'Oreal intends to remove the adjectives "white," "light," and "brightening" from the names of its creams and lotions, according to the official statement, which many media outlets were quick to associate with the growing campaign against racism against blacks.

"The L'Oreal Group has decided to remove the words "white," "light" and" brightening" (white/whitening, fair/fairness, light/lightning) from the names of all skincare products," reads a short message in English.

In addition to this phrase, the representative of the company in response to a request to the TASS correspondent did not provide any details regarding the context and the reason for the decision. It is also unknown exactly when the changes will occur: the range of products with the corresponding names is still available for purchase via the Internet. There are no alternatives to replace these terms are not yet available.

Many in France and other media interpreted this message as a response to L'Oreal's actions in support of blacks and against racism, which began in the United States after the death of an African-American detained by police, George Floyd. They also drew a parallel with the recent decision of the British-Dutch concern Unilever to refuse to use similar terms in the name of its products. However, a representative of this company explained that Unilever strives to demonstrate the beauty of various colors and shades of skin in advertising its products, and intends to use images of dark-skinned women more widely.