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China Will Test A New Carrier-Based Fighter In 2021

China Will Test A New Carrier-Based Fighter In 2021

The Shenyang research and design aviation Institute, part of the Chinese aircraft Corporation AVIC, will conduct the first flight tests of the new fighter in 2021. According to the Global Times, it will most likely be a carrier-based aircraft. The project also involves the 29th research Institute and the electronics manufacturing Corporation ETC.

In the past couple of decades, China has been actively developing its aviation equipment. In particular, the country has already developed, tested, and adopted a new generation j-20 fighter, a y-20 heavy transport aircraft, as well as a j-15 carrier-based fighter.

Presumably, as part of the new project, the Chinese aviation Institute, which previously developed the J-15, is creating a deck version of the FC-31 fighter. As part of this program, the aircraft will undergo a deep modernization with the replacement of part of the onboard equipment.

The basic version of the FC-31 fighter has been developed by the Shenyang Institute since 2010. According to official data, the aircraft can fly at an altitude of up to 16 thousand meters. It can reach speeds of up to 2.2 thousand kilometers per hour, and its combat radius is 1.2 thousand kilometers.

The fighter can carry weapons with a total weight of up to eight tons. The design life of the aircraft is 30 years. FC-31 is created using low-visibility technologies. The developers claim that the fighter will be invisible to radar stations operating in the L-and Ku-wave bands.

Earlier it was reported that Chinese aircraft manufacturers have engaged in the development of two projects of bombers, in the design of which low-visibility technologies will be widely used. The existence of one of these projects — the H-20 or H-X — was officially confirmed by the Chinese air force in 2017. There was no reliable information about the second project.