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Serial Production Of The A-545 Automatic Rifle Has Started In Russia

Serial Production Of The A-545 Automatic Rifle Has Started In Russia

The Degtyarev plant started mass production of the a-545 automatic rifle of 5.45 mm caliber. According to RIA News Agency, citing a source in the military-industrial complex, the production of weapons is carried out under a contract with the Ministry of defense of Russia. The new submachine guns are expected to enter service with the Russian airborne forces by the end of 2020.

The a-545 model was developed based on AEK-971, created in 1978 for the competition of the Ministry of defense of the USSR, in which it lost to the an-94. In 2013, the Degtyarev Plant presented a modern modification of the weapon, made of new materials, and according to new standards. The weight of the AEK-971 is about 3.5 kilograms without a magazine at a length of 960 millimeters with the butt spread out.

The rate of fire of the weapon is 900 rounds per minute, and the aiming range is 500 meters. The weapon is equipped with detachable box magazines for 30 and 45 rounds. AEK-971 is built according to the scheme of an automatic machine with balanced automation based on a gas engine.

In this scheme, a camera with a balance beam is installed in the front of the machine gun above the barrel, the mass of which corresponds to the mass of the bolt group. The balancer and gate group are tightly connected. During firing, they move synchronously in different directions and extreme positions completely extinguish each other's impulses. This solution increases the accuracy of fire but complicates the design of weapons.

The order to adopt the a-545 submachine gun (GRAU index 6P67) was signed in early 2018. It was recommended for the adoption of combined arms units and divisions of the Land forces, airborne forces, and Marines of the Russian Navy. At the same time, the AEK-973 7.62 mm, AK-12 5.45 mm, and AK-15 7.62 mm submachine guns were adopted. All weapons were included in the "Ratnik" combat equipment.