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The Third Level Of Danger Due To Bubonic Plague Declared In China

The Third Level Of Danger Due To Bubonic Plague Declared In China

An increased threat level will remain in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, as a patient admitted to the Bayan-Nur hospital was confirmed to have the disease.

In early July, an outbreak of bubonic plague was reported in Western Mongolia, which borders Russia. A 27-year-old man and a woman were taken to the hospital (age is not specified). The latter was in critical condition. After the disease, 60 people directly contacted her and 400 indirectly. It is known that the cause of infection was the fact that both residents of Mongolia ate raw Groundhog meat.

Later chief infectious disease specialist of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) Vladimir Nikiforov said that the incident does not pose a threat to Russia. He also suggested that people were infected not when they ate a plague marmot, but when they butchered its carcass, or they were bitten by an infected flea.

Plague is a bacterial disease that primarily affects wild rodents. It spreads from one animal to another through fleas. People are bitten by an infected flea usually get the bubonic form of the plague. According to the world health organization, this disease can kill an adult in less than 24 hours if treatment is not started on time.