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Denmark Has Allowed Anchor Pipelayers On Nord Stream 2

Denmark Has Allowed Anchor Pipelayers On Nord Stream 2

Pipe-laying vessels with anchor positioning (in addition to vessels with dynamic positioning) will be able to be used in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 highway in the Danish exclusive economic zone, the Danish Energy Agency said in a statement.

The Agency stressed, "that the remaining part of the pipeline, which is to be built in Denmark, is located outside the area where bottom trawling, anchorage, and bottom work is not recommended due to the risk posed by buried chemical warfare agents."

In the company Nord Stream AG 2, in turn, noted: "Nord Stream 2 AG has submitted a request to amend its construction permit in accordance with the recommendations of the Danish Energy Agency (DEA). As we expected, the DEA granted our request."

"The amendment relates only to the possible use of vessels with anchor positioning and is an explanation of only one of the conditions of the permit. The ship with the anchor positioning has already been successfully applied in the construction of the Danish land operated pipeline "Nord Stream," and in the construction of the gas pipeline "Nord Stream 2" in German waters. The project will be implemented in accordance with the construction permit and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). We continue to consider various options for its completion and will inform you of our plans in due course," the project company said.

Construction of the highway by European contractors was stopped due to US sanctions, and, as stated in Gazprom, "the Nord Stream 2 project, which is already almost 94% built, will be completed by the Russian side."

At the moment, there is two Russian pipe laying vessels in the German port of Mukran not far from the route of the remaining section of the highway: "Academician of the Chersky" dynamic positioning and "fortune" with the anchor.