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The Star Of "The Lord Of The Rings" Elijah Wood Has Recorded A Video Message In Support Of Viktor Babariko

The Star Of "The Lord Of The Rings" Elijah Wood Has Recorded A Video Message In Support Of Viktor Babariko

The performer of the primary role in the world-famous movie epic "The Lord of the Rings" Elijah wood recorded a video message in support of the KGB candidate for the post of President of Belarus Viktor Babariko and his son Eduard.

"I have read about your situation, and I want you to stay strong. I hope that you will soon be released, and the whole story of your imprisonment will remain in the past," Wood said in a video message to Viktor and Eduard Babariko.

"The Lord of the rings" star noted that he was asked to record this video message by friends from Belarus. The record was posted on his Instagram girlfriend Eduard Babariko-Alexander Zverev.

Meanwhile, Babariko's headquarters in the telegram channel reported that "Viktor Babariko and his family are fans of "The Lord of the Rings"... the family even has a tradition - during the new year holidays to arrange a marathon with viewing the Director's version of the film, and this is as much as eleven hours."

As reported, the former head of "Belgazprombank" Viktor Babariko, along with his son Eduard, was detained on June 18, shortly after announcing his presidential ambitions. The state control Committee of Belarus said that the presidential candidate was detained because "he was the direct organizer and leader of illegal activities."

On June 19, Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk said that the defendants in the case of "Belgazprombank" "created a threat to the interests of the national security of the country both in financial and other spheres."

On the same day, Belarusian human rights defenders recognized Babariko as a political prisoner. The European Union issued a demand to release Babariko.

Last week, it became known that Babariko Sr. is accused of laundering criminal proceeds, tax evasion, and bribery. Eduard Babariko is accused of tax evasion.

Presidential elections in Belarus are due to take place on August 9. The Republican CEC confirmed the authenticity of more than 165 signatures in support of Babariko's nomination as a presidential candidate.