Arkasha Stevenson is leading the film The Omen for a prequel

Arkasha Stevenson is leading the film The Omen for a prequel

The Omen is returning; only we''re going back to the beginning. A new prequel film, The First Omen, is on the way from 20th Century Studios, with Arkasha Stevenson (Legion, Briarpatch) and Gracie Wheelan is developing the script for Phantom Four. This will be the sixth film in The Omen franchise, which includes the original 1976 classic starring Gregory Peckand and a 2006 remake. Deadline had the news.

Not Sure We Need More Of The Omen

"The Omen introduces Robert Thorn, an American Ambassador in Italy who adopts Damien to replace his newborn baby that he has been told was stillborn. "Some things happen when Damien reach the age of five, starting with his nanny, who attempts to warn him that the child would eventually kill him and his wife, and Brennan, who has been left impaled by a falling church spire. Both Robert and Jennings then travel to Rome, where they learn that Damien is the antichrist and that

I''m not sure we need any additional films in the The Omen franchise, but I adore the original film so much that I would be lying if a prequel didn''t spark my interest. Nothing can top that original, but maybe if they can capture the tonewho am I kidding. More on this one as we discover it.

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