The sequel to Dragon's Dogma is real

The sequel to Dragon's Dogma is real

Today, dragon''s Dogma fans get some big news. Ten years later, a sequel to Dragon''s Dogma 2 has been announced.

The Dragon''s Dogma anniversary video described the game as in "development," which included a lot of information about the franchise''s history and its potential development.

The film''s director Hideaki Itsuno will be returning to the studio during the production, but we only learned that Dragon''s Dogma 2 is currently in development that''s it. At least we got to see the lead designer remove his jacket to show us a logo, though. It''s a matter.

Unfortunately, that''s all we got. Other than the announcement itself, Capcom didn''t reveal any gameplay details or really specifics of any kind. However, after Tuesday''s Capcom Showcase tumble, we''ll take what we can.

Dragon''s Dogma, which was developed in 2012 by Devil May Cry and Hideaki Itsuno, was then divided into five parts. Its combat was fableable like spectacle fighters, and its world had a day-night cycle with apparent mechanical implications, which was at the time rare.

It was also known for its massive monsters and huge boss battles, which players might climb as they fight and take down in spectacular ways. Perhaps its gain to fame, however, was its Pawns system, which allowed players to recruit and train AI companions to accompany them on missions, and even trade them to other players.

As the Dark Arisen version, the game has now rolled into PS4, Xbox One, and PC, along with a number of other technical upgrades and upgrades.

If you never played Dragon''s Dogma, then the time may come.

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