The Most Expensive Batman Piece Of Artwork Ever Sells For $2.4 Million

The Most Expensive Batman Piece Of Artwork Ever Sells For $2.4 Million

Bleeding Cool purchased the book one by Frank Miller and Phil Varley for the first time, but the covers sold for $2,400,000 or $2.4 million today. This is the highest price for a comic book page. Previously, Miller''s mentor, Neal Adams, purchased the book for $448,125. and with a different cover, from Miller and Janson, for $478,000. However, these are all fractions of what we have now paid.

"It''s a pleasure to see Frank Miller and Lynn Varley''s work reach a level often associated with classic American art," says Heritage Auctions vice president Todd Hignite. "It''s meritful that, given this is easily one of the most famous comic-book covers from any era, and it defined the superhero genre from the 1980s until this exact moment. I''m not sure of a more significant piece of comic art to have ever come to auction."

Frank Miller and Klaus JansonThe Dark Knight Returns sold for $840,000 in 2013, but a previous cover with Batman on itsold for a quarter of a million in 2013, and a $102,000 page from #1 was $84,000. There are also additional pages to come.

The triple gatefold cover for #619, which included the 12-part Hush epic, sold for $504,000, the highest price paid for a Jim Lee original at auction. The cover for #59 from 1942, which included Batman co-creators Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson, sold for $288,000, and the entire #428 portion, with $216,000. WhileBill Everett''s original artwork for Page 5 from #1, was sold for $204,000. This appears to be the beginning of the day.

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