Wordle's today (Friday 17 June) answer: #363 and suggestions

Wordle's today (Friday 17 June) answer: #363 and suggestions

Is it possible to get the Wordle answer for Friday 17 June 2022? I understand, however, I can''t really play it again because I see too many spoilers while reading these tips. If your sacrifice was not in vain, would you? Now that you''re here, get a look at some suggestions.

As always, I''ll start this guide off with a few key phrases to get you moving along the correct direction. However, if you scroll down past the video, you can see the complete answer, along with a simple word if you''ve come here looking for it.

Wordle''s explanation for today (Friday 17 June 2022)

Before we give you the answer, here are a few suggestions, such as a gentle stretch, to warm up your puzzle-solving brain muscles.

  • Today''''s Wordle answer contains just one vowel.
  • The fourth letter is "W".
  • It''''s a verb in the past tense (past participle, to be exact).

Wordle answer for Friday 17 June 2022

Hello to everyone who skipped straight down to the answer section! It''s okay, but I''m not judging. I''ll certainly not be putting out the wait until now. I promise. OK, here you go.

BLOWN is today''s world answer.

Stop laughing at the back there, because this definition will be kept strictly PG. In the broadest sense, "blow" means to move something using a force of air, and "blown" is one of the past tense forms of that. In the sense of "blow," however, it''s actually surprisingly difficult to apply it naturally in a simple sentence, even if you see that guy getting blown up? "Oh, I''m sure you get it in a sentence.

Don''t you think it''s a bit of a difficult day today, but it''s unlikely that tomorrow''s Wordle will have splintered a few individuals up, without doubt. However, there are a few things you can do before beginning your Wordle, for example, or our list of previous Worlde answers to the test.

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