AMD Is Possibly Developing A Van Gogh Successor Based on APU Design in Phoenix Point, Could Power A Next-Gen Valve Steam Deck Handheld Console With Zen 4 & RDNA 3 Cores

AMD Is Possibly Developing A Van Gogh Successor Based on APU Design in Phoenix Point, Could Power A

The Van Gogh SOC, which is currently working on the Valve Steam Deck handheld console, appears to be having a sequel to the SOC, which will feature a design similar to the next-generation Phoenix APUs, and the console could be included in the future-generation Steam Deck console.

AMD Van Gogh SOC Successor Possibly Shares Design With Phoenix Point, Features Zen 4 & RDNA 3 Cores To Power Next-Gen Steam Deck Handheld Console

Moore''s Law is Dead has released new information about AMD''s plans for a new SOC that will serve as a replacement to Van Gogh. This SOC has a lot of similarities with AMD''s Phoenix Point processors that will be combined with Zen 4 CPU and RDNA 3 GPU cores in 2023 for laptops. Although the Van Gogh successor does not have a name right now, it is being referred to as the tiny Phoenix chip (not official).

This new SOC is thought to be a "Ultra Low Power & Compact" version of the Phoenix Point APUs and should therefore be looking for custom solutions such as the Valve''s Steam Deck handheld gaming console. The current Steam Deck console is based on the Van Gogh SOC and has a Zen 4 core and RDNA 3 cores for GPUs. It''s possible that AMD will retain 4nm for custom solutions too.

The Van Gogh successor, Little Phoenix, is expected to have a die size of 110-150mm2, which is less powerful than Van Gogh but slightly larger than Mendocino. The CPU will have 4 cores and 8 threads, which is believed to be capable of delivering decent performance per clock. The new SOC will also have a 128-bit LPDDR controller, giving the option between the LPD5-6400 and LPD5X-8533 memory. However, the prototype may be used

What these specifications mean for the next generation of Valve''s Steam Deck handheld gaming consoles is that they will get a 50% increase in CPU performance and a 60% increase in GPU performance. It looks like the new SOC will start sometime in late 2023, but it might fall to 2024. So we may not receive a Steam Deck replacement soon.

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