Fans of EastEnders are shocked as Sam seduces Zack, but it's something else that has left them worried!

Fans of EastEnders are shocked as Sam seduces Zack, but it's something else that has left them worri

As Sam and Zack drowned their sorrows together and ended up receiving it!

While the shock coupling is likely to put Zack and Nancy''s relationship in jeopardy, it was also the destruction of something else that viewers were all talking about.

They were concerned that this aspect would not be repaired.

Zack and Sam had a drink in the club in the scene, but the two had both experienced terrible days.

However, Sam had failed to clear Sharon''s relationship with Phil.

Sharon and Phils'' closeness are suspicious, and she hopes to stoke Kat''s pot.

Sharon sent her bluff, but Sam resigned, putting her in jeopardy.

As she battled with the aftermath of Lindas'' car accident, Nancy was pushing Zack away.

Zack made a big gesture to Nancy, stating that he had sold his beloved vintage automobile, Lucinda, to help try and get their business idea back on track.

Nancy was jeopardized by his offer.

Later, Zack stormed into the club seeking for a drink.

When it came to Zacks'' relationship with Nancy, Sam gave him a shot that turned out to be a loaded rifle.

Soon, the pair were sat quietly in the club corner, knocking back the booze.

As the flirting progressed, it soon turned to passion as they returned to the Zacks home.

Sam was a quick mover, ripping off the Zacks shirt as they lay on the sofa, and the buttons flying to the ground.

Everyone commented on the same fact that stylish Zack would not be getting much use out of that shirt now Sams has been done with it!

Good thing, there is a perfect shirt, which is hilarious.

While another joking, imagine trying to find and use them again.

If Nancy discovers, another is concerned about the consequences of Zacks'' actions.

Next week I will not wear Zacks shoes as he will require a lot more than a spare shirt!

Well, there is a great shirt #EastEndersJune 16, 2022.

Imagine seeing and recreating on Zacs shirt in Eastenders. Go on Sam, you saucy treacle!! #EastEnders @bbceastendersJun 16, 2022

How much did an idiot boy Zacks shirt cost #EastEndersJun 16, 2022?

Dude I''ll just say this next week I''ll not want to be in Zack''s shoes, and he''ll need more than a spare shirt on June 16, 2022.

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