For 2023, a Trigun Stampede Anime will be released

For 2023, a Trigun Stampede Anime will be released

The promised time has come. Just a day after a mysterious Twitter account teased a new-related announcement for June 17, 2022, Toho confirmed a new anime series based on the Yasuhiro Nightows manga classic. Crunchyroll also confirmed that it will simulcast the anime globally upon release, with additional information to be announced at the Anime Expo in July 2022.

Both English and Japanese tweets from the official Twitter account have confirmed that the production is all-new, with a new cast, staff, and studio.

#TRIGUN STAMPEDE, a Japanese-best 3D animation studio, will be reborn in 2023, according to an all-new crew and cast.

STAMPEDE OF TRIGUN (@trigun_anime) June 17, 2022

A tweet about Vash the Stampede''s famous red coat threw a stir in the face of a city that has grown around the wreck of a massive spaceship.

Orange, a CG studio, will direct production on the CG anime series, as well as some of the CG elements. These include mecha sequences for andassistance on and the anime.

The announcement contained little other information. However, it suggests that a reboot rather than a spin-off or a continuation of the 1998 series. The 1998 animes story suffocated as the manga was still operating at the time. Similarly, the 2010 film showed an original story of Vashs adventures. It may be that the original anime will be redirected to the 2003 anime series.

The anime series is in production. It will be available on YouTube or through Dark Horse in English.

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