In fancrossover, Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us discuss the dangers of God of War

In fancrossover, Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us discuss the dangers of God of War

Joel and Ellie face off against the snow-covered creatures of God of War in a new fan-made crossover.

This crossover is fueled by Speclizer, who used OmegaFantasy mods to swap out Kratos and Atreus for Joel and Ellie respectively, although OmegaFantasy enabled The Simpsons to tootle on over to God of War last month). This was done to "celebrate two amazing games coming out this year."

We get to see in action not just Joel and Ellie. From the start of God of War, David appears as the mysterious "stranger"; the draugr is now becoming clickers.

I''ll not say that I''ll have to admit that it''s very satisfying seeing Joel tear through both David and the clickers with his new OP skillset. While Leviathan Axe has been replaced with a pipe in this crossover, it is still a significant improvement in power as compared to the variety bricks, bottles, and guns used in The Last of Us.

Speclizer has not yet stopped using mods to remove these characters skins, however. They have also overlayed dialogue from The Last of Us to make their latest creation a more seamless cinematic experience.

So, without further ado, may I introduce Speclizer''s crossover Between The Last of Us and God of War.

Naughty Dog has officially unveiled the PS5 remake of its last of us Part 1 game, which will be released on PC in the near future. Following Tess'' "glow up," and a breakdown of the various versions, the game has been given even further details.

According to recent reports, the sequel to God of War, Ragnarok, will be released this November.

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