Doctor Who of Grant Morrison in the Daily LITG, 17th June, 2022

Doctor Who of Grant Morrison in the Daily LITG, 17th June, 2022

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Today, here are ten most-read stories titled LITG: Better Call Saul.

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In the event that you liked more LITG about comics, here''s what you think.

  • The Most Expensive Batman Piece Of Artwork Ever Sells For $2.4 Million
  • Marvel Comics Relaunches Reign Of X As Trials Of X
  • Every George Perez Original Art Page For Marvel Beatles Comic For Sale
  • Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman Grab Ed McGuinness For Image Comics'''' Vanish
  • Boys Run The Riot Volume 3 Review: More Money, More Problems
  • Pearl III #1 Review: They Just Keep Talking
  • Midnight Suns Confuse With A Logo That Looks Like Midnight Sons
  • Flip Horror Anthology Shock Shop to Haunt Comic Stores in September
  • Superhero Medical Drama Crashing Launches in September at IDW
  • Watchmen #1 Original Artwork by Dave Gibbons & Alan Moore For Sale
  • One Page Of Neil Gaiman & Sam Kieth''''s Sandman #1 At Auction For $48K
  • Two Pages From The Joker''''s Killing Joke Origin, $140,000 So Far
  • Entire Todd McFarlane Spider-Man #16 Art To Go For Over Half A Million
  • Jim Lee''''s Triple-Page Batman Hush Spread Will Sell For Over $300,000
  • More Frank Miller Dark Knight, Daredevil, Darth Vader, Ronin Auctioned
  • Frank Miller Dark Knight Cover Artwork About To Sell For Two Million
  • Better Call Saul Holds A Candle To The Daily LITG 16th June, 2022

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She-Hulk stowed the reading chart a year ago, far ahead of any of her competitors. Marvel had a point on their hands.

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Comic Book birthdays today

There may be a party atmosphere right now. It all depends on which state you live in. However, comic folk are still growing, and still celebrating that special date with twelve years for us.

  • Robert Lee Beerbohm, comic book historian and retailer
  • Patrick Olliffe, artist onand
  • Emmett Furey, comics journalist
  • Hilary Barta, comics inker, writer, artist on the like ofand
  • Richard Maurizio, artist on

If you are going comics and have a birthday, or you know someone who has got in touch

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