The 60 Best Anime Quotes of All Time

The 60 Best Anime Quotes of All Time

People who want to be new to anime may wonder what anime is. In Japan, almost everything is considered anime, but in countries like America, it is a niche genre. Here is a list of anime quotes you should consider.

In Japan, anime is viewed as a soap opera-type series. There are many genres that are covered in anime, including sci-fi, action anime, and romance anime. The popularity of anime has seen a significant increase internationally as many new individuals have become dying-hard fans. We have also got you covered up. Manga and Anime are mostly Japanese printed comic books.

While animated primarily is intended for adults, one must be wary before watching it with children. Make sure you check the television ratings before watching it with kids as you certainly don''t want to go in adult content with little ones by your side. There are also a few kid-friendly anime out there that you can enjoy along with their family.

Anime Quotes About Life

Every passing moment should be taken on a beautiful journey. However, this does not mean that one wakes us with this understanding every day. Regardless of whether it be a famous saying from a popular celebrity or a funny quote, they all can provide some motivation and motivation.

Below are ten examples on life that will give the readers extra pep whenever they need it. Keep these anime quotes about life put together so that you may go through them when you need it.

1.Humans die.Animals die.Plants die.Even soul reapers die.Its the foundation of the universe.Everything that comes to life eventually ceases to exist.

The following are some of the most famous anime quotes made by Baraggan Louisenbairn in the anime Bleach. This quote explains how everything that exists in this world, including the soul reapers, dies. There is no permanent in this world, and one day everything ceases to exist.

2.Everything has a beginning and an end.Life is just a cycle of starts and ends.We don''t want those ends, but they are inevitable, and we must endure them.It''s about being human.

In the anime Cowboy Bebop, Jet Black talks about how everything has a start and an end. There are certain things in our daily lives that we didn''t want to happen before, but then we have to confront them. This is what being human is means.

3.Understanding youre different is only the beginning.Youll be able to transcend these barriers and grow even closer.

Miss Kobayashi tells us about the realization one gets of being different from others. When a person learns that he is different it begins when his real journey begins. Those who accept the differences and are able to follow them go even closer to knowing themselves.

4.It will never be a joy to have happy and beautiful memories.The more beautiful a memory is, the more painful it can become.

The anime Plastic Memories calls for beautiful and painful memories. Salvation isn''t always brought up by happy or beautiful memories. It is not necessary that a beautiful memory will always remain the same as sometimes it can also become painful and painful feelings.

5.Everyone dies afterward, ob they have power or not.That''s why you need to think about what you''ll do while youre alive.

This is yet another part of our list of anime quotes, which was said in Kekkai Sensen by Mary Macbeth. It talks about how everyone dies whether they have power or not. It is also better to think about what one wants to accomplish while they are alive.

6.It''s impossible to work hard for something you don''t like.

In SwordArt Online, Silica uses these lines to say that many people would have already heard similar words. No one can work hard until and unless they enjoy doing it.

7.Life isn''t a game of luck.If you want to win, make sure you get your hands on it.

Sora in the No Game No Life anime said this and it simply said that life isn''t based on only luck. Those who want to win will have to work hard. It is a significant part of our list of anime quotes, as the saying is true to its core.

8.Power is not a desire, it is the phenomenon of physically making things happen.

Madara Uchiha said this in the Naruto Shippuden anime that power does not mean will. Instead, power is the process of making things happen. This is why Madara Uchiha has distinguished himself here in Naruto Shippuden.

9.What will you do to keep regretting the previous?

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) said these lines that make one incapable of moving forward if they continue to regret their past. In this regard, the time is present is being consumed by the past''s thoughts, so how can anything be done in the present?

10.Giving up kills people.When people reject giving up they finally get the privilege to transcend humanity.

Alucard in the Hellsing anime referred to these lines. By these lines, he meant to say that giving up kills people and that when they stop giving up thats when they win the right to go beyond humanity. So, giving up should not be an option if an individual wants to achieve bigger things.

11.When a person wishes to change, a person may change.

These were explained in the famous anime Ouran Highschool Host Club. A person may change when he wishes to change. No other external force or factor may assist an individual until and unless it comes from inside.

Anime Quotes Regarding Love

1.Destiny.Fate.Dreams.These unstoppable beliefs are held deep in the heart of man.As long as there are people who seek freedom in this life, these things shall not vanish from the Earth.

According to Gold D. Rodger in his One Piece anime, dreams, fate, and destiny are just things that live deep in the hearts of a human. As long as people continue their quest for freedom, these things will not fade from the surface of the Earth.

2.Im sure you''ll just fall in love with you all over again if I lose this thought.

Syaoran Li in Cardcaptor Sakura said these lines which reflect his feelings. He said that even if he lost what he now feels right now he is sure that he will fall in love with her all over again. Here we can see the depth of his love and how true his feelings.

3.Ill make you so happy with me, that every time our lips touch, you will die a little bit.

These erotic lines were written by Ai Yazawa. These were the characters in the Nana series, which depicted the character''s love and affection. This anime quote is very popular among anime enthusiasts. It demonstrates how deep the relationship between the characters is.

4.The scars you can''t see are the hardest to heal.

Nao Tamori from Charlotte said these very nice lines and this is one of the best anime quotes about love. It is about the scars that are visible and those that arent. Nao Tamori says that the scars that are not visible or hidden are the hardest to heal and that they are the ones that affect one of the most.

6.Either in belief or doubt, if I lean to one of these sides, my reaction time will be dulled if my heart thinks the opposite of what I choose.

Roronoa Zoro in One Piece said these very deep lines, revealing how Zoro feels when he is in a belief or a doubt. This is how Zoro says it will affect his reaction time if his heart begins to think in another direction.

6.Even if I searched the world over, no one might look out for you.

Hikaru Hitachiin of Ouran Highschool Host Club admits that even if he searched the world, he would discover no one like his lover. This signifies the love he manifests against her.

7.If you love someone, he might make you sad.He might even make you feel lonely sometimes.However, someone may also make you happier than you might ever be.

Saki Hanajima of Fruits Basket said that if someone loves a person, it tends to make you feel sad and even lonely sometimes. However, they can also make you happy as you have never experienced before. We often see that lovers offend each other to the worst level possible but also serve as a source of happiness when they spend time with each other.

8.Forgetting is a form of wound.The wound may heal, but it has already left a scar.

According to Monkey D Luffy in One Piece, forgetting is equivalent to a wound and that wound might heal or even leave a scar. Emotional wounds are seen getting compared to physical wounds very often and the same has been done here also. Forgetting is here being compared to a physical wound which can also result in scars.

9.If you cannot find a reason to fight, then you should not be fighting.

Akame Ga Kill has very aptly stated in these lines that if you cant fight a reason to fight then you shouldn''t fight. There are numerous instances in which two people have no proper reason to fight but are simply fighting because they had a bad day. This quote from Akame Ga Kill is a concept that must be followed.

10.If you want to make people dream, you have to start by believing in it yourself!

Seiya Kanie, the main character of Amagi Brilliant Park, talks big and deep. When he conveys the things that people first need to believe in their dream themselves before others do, he says it in turn how things work. People dream and dreams transform into reality once they realize their dreams.

11.I will always love you no matter what love line, which time, or where I am, for the time.I will say it once more.I love you.

Through these stunning lines, Okabe expresses his love for his lover. These lines can be easily marked or saved by those who want to express their feelings in the near future. These lines beautifully express what Okabe feels in his heart for his lover.

Voici the most disturbing anime quotes.

1.The loneliest people are the kindest; the sorrowiest people smile the brightest.The most vulnerable people are the wisest.All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the same thing.

These are very famous lines from Fairy Tail. This had to be a part of our best anime quotes and many might have already discovered these lines or similar lines on social media. These lines are quite straight and straightforward to understand. If you see, they have a deep meaning. The ones who themselves had to endure hardship don''t want others to see the same phase in their lives, nevertheless these lines have been beautifully engraved.

2.The thing I wanted for destroyed my whole family.I brought all this suffering down on my family because I made a wish for my dad without knowing exactly what he really wanted.

Through this deep and cruel anime quote, Kyoko Sakura showed how he unwantedly left his family hurt because he didn''t know about his dad. Similar things like this, we can also see in our society happening and through this one, we can truly sense the pain hidden in the heart of Kyoko Sakura.

3.Death isnt kind.It''s dark and black and as far as you can see youre all alone.There''s no one else.

Mei Misaki, who appeared in anime Another, said these lines. Those who have seen Another might remember how she was treated as an outcast just so that the number of students in the class could be lowered. She was ignored by everyone as if she didn''t exist. By expressing her sense through these lines, readers can understand how she felt. In the end, she says, one is alone and there''s no one with you.

4.Is it all right to do it anymore?Sanae-san told me that places where I can cry are in a bathroom or in daddy''s arms.

Ushio in CLANNAD described these very deep and said lines in which one may clearly feel the pain he has experienced. Does he ask if it was okay to cry in a bathroom or in his father''s arm, given the same question, but the truth is, therefore, that holding onto things is vital to the rest of the world.

5.We are two of us very different.My whole life Ive wanted from others.I felt bitter to the people around me and I closed off my heart.And a heart that lets nothing in will become empty before you realize it.

Mei Aihara in the anime Citrus shares her connection. She reveals how she forced people to shut their heart out of the outside world. Slowly, the person stops feeling things they should have experienced under normal circumstances and quits being a normal person.

6.They describe certain methods of combating evil and others evil, acting as if there was some nobility to the battlefield.Such illusions, perpetrated throughout history, have led countless young men to their bloody deaths, all for the sake of this valor and glory.

Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/ Zero reveals how combat methods have been recognized as good and bad, but whatever the method might be, there is no nobility to a battle. The battlefield''s misalignment and glorification have led countless young men to their deaths, and these illusions have been transmitted through generations by a wide variety of heroes in history.

7.Im good, except for the bad weather.

In Fullmetal, Roy Mustang is seen uttering these words when someone asks him how he is. He simply claims that the day is not appropriate for it to rain. This shows how he fought to shift the focus of the question to the weather. It is also unquestionably asymmetric at the same time.

8.Was I able to live inside somebodys heart?Do you think you''ll remember me at least a bit?If you don''t think you''ll remember me forever, please follow this message, then please let me know.I''m glad you got to know you.I hope I can reach you again.

Kaori Miyazono of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso expresses her belief in these lines. Through these lines, readers can easily understand how attached she was to that individual. She wants to stay in his/her heart and memories and does not want to be forgotten. It is human nature that he/she wants to be remembered and not easily forgotten, particularly by the one who is closest to him/her.

What have I meant to have taught you something important in life by now?

Hana Inuzuka in Naruto Shippuden described these lines where she wonders if she taught something important to that person to date. This is how some people constantly wonder about their life, whether they have done something beneficial or not.

10.War isn''t heroic.It''s not exhilarating.And, war is surrounded by despair.It''s dark.It''s frightening.It''s a thing of sadness and gloom.

Izura Kira in Bleach shows how she perceives wars. There have been many of them that you must have already read in this article. This one another addition and conveys the same message that war is not good. It is dreadful and unnecessarily glorified.

11.No one in this world can truly hold himself apart from violence.Guns are literally within reach of anyone.Sadly, here''s where we put our trust in bullets rather than human kindness.

Koko Hekmatyar in Jormungand tells how violence is spreading nowadays. She states that no one is distant from violence and how can one be? Guns are in the reach of almost all individuals and today people like to use bullets instead of human kindness. This is a dreadful lesson to learn as the rate at which violence is causing an end to human existence.

12.Peoples lives do not end when they die, but ends when they lose faith.

Itachi Uchiha from Naruto says these very deep lines. He explains how people end when they lose faith in themselves. The day one stops believing in himself or herself, is the day of ones doom and death. So, people should never lose faith in themselves.

13.Ill never resent you, or hate you, or hurt you.Not ever.I would rather die.So Ill tell my killer that it is okay, because it will not be their fault for doing it.It will just be that they don''t know anything better.Ill die hopeful, that my death might have helped them understand someday.

In the anime Kinos Journey, a photo is a slave and during the sequence in which these lines were revealed, her outlook is an eye-opener, despite her being a slave. The above quote is sad, but it is still inspiring and quite powerful.

14.Are you listening god?The truth is, mom and dad are older than they are.It''s my fault for being such a useless daughter.

The readers can easily understand the pain posed by Hatori Shikishimas. It is so genuine that it is difficult to avoid it.

Best Inspirational Anime Quotes

1.The world isnt perfect.But its there for us, doing the best it can.Thats exactly what makes it so adorable.

Roy Mustang, who is not afraid of speaking his mind, said that this world is still perfect, but Roy said that imperfection is also perfection. If there had been perfection, where would the one be?

2.Fear is not evil.It tells you what weakness is.And once you understand your weakness, you may become stronger as well as kinder.

Gildharts Clive is described as one of Fairy Tail''s finest inspirational anime quotes about living. He is seen talking to someone who is scared in this scene from Fairy Tail. He tells them that fear is not evil, but it is a tool that can help one in identifying their fears and assist them overcome any obstacles.

3.Whatever you lose, you will find it once more.What you throw away will never be resurrected.

Meiji Kenkaku Romantan is a prominent character of feudal Japan and he is a legendary swordsman. He talks about the difference between misplace and throwing away a thing. However, if you intentionally throw away a thing, you will never find it away as throwing becomes unnecessary.

4.I am the hope of the universe.I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace, the protector of the innocent, the light in the darkness, and the truth.Ally to good!A nightmare to you!

Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z is one of the most famous anime characters. This is how confidently he spoke to his enemies about being the defender of all the good things that exist. He claims that instead of destroying the world, he wants to preserve humanity and promises to keep it at peace.

5.If you think youre no-good and worthless, it''s the worst thing you can do.

In the famous kids anime series Doraemon, Nobito says such a thing keeping in mind how disgruntled and he is. This is one of the finest anime quotes about life that is taken from a situation where Nobito sends Doraemon to make his childhood pleasant. However, true courage is to quit or cheer up and never think of being useless again.

6.Don''t let go, there''s no shame in falling down!True shame is to not stand up again!

Shintaro Midorima has stated in Kuroko No Basket that failing is not a problem but that, not even trying is one. Those who do not try are worse because they have already given up. At least if one has tried then, he/she is liable to say that they have put in the effort.

7.If you dont like your destiny, don''t accept it.Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be

Naruto Uzumaki said these lines in Naruto Shippuden are among the finest inspirational anime quotes. The way these lines have been created by Naruto clearly conveys what message must be sent. Instead, those who do not like their destiny should certainly not accept it and have the true courage to change it through hard work and passion.

8.We have no obligation to know what tomorrow holds!Thats why we can live for everything we did today!

Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail writes one of the most amazing anime quotes about life. It is not important for one to know what tomorrow will bring for them. Instead of focusing on what will happen tomorrow, it is best to live in present. It is essential that one remember from their previous parents.

9.If you cannot do anything, then don''t.Focus on what you can do.

Shiroe, a character in Long Horizon, says it. Another point of view has been given which states that if you can''t do something then, you shouldn''t do it. It is sometimes better to concentrate on your strengths rather than cry over things.

10.If you want to be strong, stop caring about what your neighbors thinks of you!

Saitama writes in One Punch Man that one line from One Punch Man is also an integral part of our list of inspirational anime quotes. Here, Saitama says that one must stop listening to the surroundings if he or she wishes. Those who listen to the surroundings are easily affected and thus lose sight and focus. So, it is better to focus on oneself and not worry about what others have to say.

11.You must recognize the fact that youre is not the best and possess all the right knowledge to strive to be superior to anyone you encounter.

Roronoa Zoro said this inspirational line in One Piece. Zoro said that one sometimes needs to accept the fact that they are not the best. Often people push themselves a lot and there is a time when they must take a break and understand that this is their best. People must have the will and mindset to be better than others.

12.If you lose sight of your path, you should seek your destination in your heart.

Allen Walker of D. Gray-Man said these very inspirational and deep lines. He claims that when you forget what you need to do before moving forward, you must listen to your heart as it will never be wrong. In those moments, your heart will lead you to the right path.

Deep Anime Quotes

2.Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love, or just because no matter how pathetic the reason, it enough to begin war.After the fact Human nature pursues strife, war will never cease to exist reasons.

Paine from Naruto Shippuden has a long list of deep anime quotes. In this conversation, he tells Naruto that humans will always fight and begin conflicts as it is humane to find conflict. So, anything can result in a war as long as it is the end result.

2.People, who can''t throw something important away, can never hope to change anything.

If you like something so much then, you have to let it go. Here Armin in Shingeki no Kyojin /Attack on Titan wants to say that if you hold onto something which is no longer beneficial, will only result in suffering. Change is necessary for all individuals.

3.I want you to be happy and to laugh a lot.I dont know what I will be able to do for you, but I''ll always be by your side.

Kagome is the main protagonist of this anime and here she is trying to express her true feeling. These lines have a profound meaning that she only desires for him and does not know how to make this happen but she will never leave his side.

4.You cannot understand someone else''s pain if you don''t have it.

Nagato has said this from Naruto, stating that an individual who is unable to comprehend someone else''s pain is not capable of hearing them. These lines have a profound meaning to them that can be understood only by a few people.

5.People become stronger because they have memories they cant forget.

This passage from Naruto was once again made available by Tsunade. It is often said that you do not become stronger because you forget things, but that instead, you become stronger when you have forgotten items. It is these memories that teach individuals a lesson and that make them learn through different experiences.

Simplicity is the easiest route to true beauty.

Seishuu Handa of Barakamon claims that people are often distracted by beauty brands by revealing the changes people notice in their physical appearances. However, it is important to remember that simplicity is the best policy and also the path to true beauty.

7.I wager that dead people are much easier to get along with.

Crona simplifies what was going on with her as she was living in a living hell because of the witch that her created. She had no connection to love, affection, or kindness, so it comes with no surprise that she wrote these words.

8.There is no such thing as fair or unfair in a fight.There is only victory or in your case, defeat.

Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z simplifies what he stands for. It doesnt matter whether things are fair or unfair for him. In all situations, success can sometimes be beneficial but it should not be applied as defeat also teach them valuable lessons.

9.Sometimes I feel like I am a failure.Like theres no hope for me.But even so, im not gonna give up!Ever!

Izuku Midoriya of My Hero Academia said this powerful and profound statement. He sometimes believes that he is a failure or that there is no hope for him. However, he never gives up and this must be done by all when he feels that.

10.Dreams offer access to men in a safe way.Men live and die by their dreams.However, many men remain in a state of fear for life and death.They are dead, but they have no dreams.

Griffith talks about how dreams affect an individual. This anime verse is deep yet straightforward to understand. Dreams are the driving force in the life of every living being, but sometimes they can cage an individual in a life of hardship. Even after people die, their dreams are still alive in their hearts. Those who are alive and well are not expected to achieve their goals.

11.If nobody cares to accept you in this world, accept yourself and you will see that you did not need them and their selfish ideas.

Alibaba Saluja in Universal Warriors talks about how self-acceptance is important before other people accept you. People don''t need the acceptance of the ones surrounding them, but only theirs. Self-acceptance is more than enough and this is what Alibaba here is trying to convey.

12.Is it really the limit to your power?Do you believe that you will not live your life forever?Instead of sitting around dissatisfied, it''s better to keep an eye on it.

Saitama in One Punch Man talks about how it is better to keep moving forward instead of just sitting and waiting for things to happen. Nobody should ever hesitate, as there is always room for improvement.

Here is the list of our 60 anime quotes, and we hope that the readers enjoyed this publication. Do drop your favorite anime quotes below in the comments section.

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