Part 4 of The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder: Treecko Line

Part 4 of The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder: Treecko Line

Bleeding Cool''s journey through the era of the continues. Now that our spotlight series has expanded through the first nine sets of this block ( base,,, and ), it is time to look at the next set from this era:. This expansion was largely Zeraora and Lugia, but it included cards featuring Mimikyu, Suicune, and others. Today, we begin our journey with the Treecko line.

  • Treecko: I know a Komiya when I see it! ArtistTomokazu Komiya has one of the most identifiable and unique styles in the. His trippy proportions and sketchy coloring style is deceptively simple, as his art is actually quite detailed. The tree behind this Hoenn Grass-type Starter is shaded to perfection, with the grass slowly darkening as it meets the skyline. I find that Komiya is able to distill the essence of the Pokemon into a single image quite well, which is just part of the reason why his cards are such standouts.
  • Grovyle: Illustrated byAyaka Yoshida, this Grovyle is rendered in a 3D style reminiscent of a standard GX card. It event attacks in the same way we often see depicted on GX, with its swiping scratch motion elevated by a motion line that arcs through the card.
  • Sceptile GX: Finally,we get the GX here done byYoshinobu Saito. Sceptile has never looked scarier, which is both due to the raptor-esque gaze to its eye as well as a strange quirk of this illustration. The way that Sceptile''''s jawline connects to its tail in the artwork is known as a tangent, and it creates the false visual implication that drool is dripping from Sceptile''''s mouth until a closer look reveals the truth. This is technically considered bad blocking among artists but I actually like the effect here.

Stay tuned for the continued journey through This retrospective series, please click the Lost Thunder tag below for more information. Next time, this journey continues with the main section of this set.

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