2022's 25 Funniest Anime Quotes

2022's 25 Funniest Anime Quotes

Fans of anime will have a good time getting to see some of the funniest anime quotes. These quotes are so funny because they have a great sense of humor than the anime being made available today. Anime offers its viewers a wide spectrum of backgrounds to choose from and has some funny and high-end action scenes. Most funny anime quotes will reflect Japanese people and their fascination with funny anime quotes.

These funny anime quotes can be found in almost everything anime series, and some of them are dark quotes. So those who have reached our website and are looking for funny anime quotes can guess their motive. It may be to impress their close friends or colleagues. Here we have collected a few famous, funny, and fantastic anime quotes.

People are usually bored of seeing the dialogue from a famous anime character in their mind repeatedly with the same energy as it was said in the program. This is just another reason why people are so fond of anime. The anime industry is no different from other industries like the movie industry, because it also offers a wide range of options. There is also the option to distribute anime for free.

Some comedy animes like Konosuba and Gintama have hilarious anime quotes. CLANNAD and Legend of the Galactic Heroes also have funny anime quotes. The funny anime quotes below will make you laugh.

25.People die when they are killed.

In Fate/Stay Night, the Shiro Emiya States said this. It was a funny thing to hear.

Those who have seen or haven''t seen the Fate series may be familiar with this quote.

Shiro tried to be completely genuine here, but he didn''t intend to be sarcastic, but was also attempting to clarify the consequences after he was taken to the hospital.

24.Ill take a potato chip AND EAT IT!

This reference from the popular anime series Death Note has been removed. Light Yagami said the funny quote as he loves salty snacks.

Have you ever watched Light Yagami, a potato chips manufacturer, for those who haven''t seen it? It''s possible that Light Yagami grew without seeing anyone notice.

The line is striking and impressive, so one can not hurt their laughter.

23.Look around Eren, at these big ass trees.

This is another part of our list of funny anime quotes from Attack On Titan.

Levi Ackerman was attempting to appreciate the scenery here rather than said something that might sound foolish. The best thing about this line is how Levi spoke it. Along with the other Survey Corps, he was attempting to escape from a female Titan. They were deciding on a strategy to defeat her, and thats when this line is said.

Levi suggested that Eren take advantage of the environment. The formula isn''t quite funny individually, but the swearing component makes it one.

22.Pornography can save the world!

Taiga Okajima develops a unique strategy in class three of classes, where a tentacle monster teacher is educated, and the students are attempting to defeat it by various techniques. That''s when Taiga develops a new strategy.

Taiga Okajima believes that she may lure that monster into a trap using pornographic magazines, and that if the plan works, they will be able to save the planet.

21.Hey, you glaben, aloe vera bastard!Where are the crazes of Sasuke?

Naruto, which might be a number of readers favorite anime, has picked up this funny anime quote. Zetsu is a plant-based creature and is also a member of Akatsuki. He is usually feared, but Naruto Uzumaki does not care. Instead, he calls him out in the most descriptive manner.

20.I want to become a clam.

Monkey D Luffy has amazing reincarnation goals, as seen in the anime One Piece. Luffy is a beloved shonen protagonist, and the reason behind that are the things like these.

To be reincarnated as a clam might seem ridiculously funny, but this is why Luffy becomes a classic character in this anime, Monkey D Luffy.

19.What a mild blow!You friend of a child!Unbelievable!A punch to the scrotum is unforgivable!

This must be a part of our funny anime quotes from one of my Hero Academia, who is well-known as the rule-abiding teenager. When he hears saying the word scrotum, it''s like creating funny anime quotes.

It is enough to make viewers laugh. When a five-year-old kid, at an all-time high, attacked the Midoriyas nether areas, according to him. This had to be a part of funny quotes.

18.Boobs aren''t big enough, but they''re filled with men''s hopes and dreams!

Sagara Yoshiharu is seen appreciating the female parts in the anime series The Ambition of Oda Nobuna. He is a modern teenager and has been brought to the Sengoku era. He deeply appreciates females, not only the girls breasts, and his entourages lack that compassion.

17.Im a hardcore otaku who enjoys maids more than having three meals in a day.And I only read books related to maids.Of course, I also collect maid figurines.I play games that feature maids, which makes me smile and jump for joy.

Takumi Usio used this concept in Kaichou Wa Maid- Sama for a long time, offering an example of his humor. He discovers that his classmate secretly performs at a maid cafe, which he couldnt control, and makes her afloat by saying this. He also praised the importance of maids in this context.

16.Hey, Mister!I am a mad scientist!It''s so chilling!Son of a b*tch!

In the famous anime Steins: Gate, Rintaro Okabe picks up these lines when he thinks that he must speak English before hearing it. The man standing at the door also couldnt understand him and blinked in response. After this, Okabe received a reply in Japanese and put him at war.

15.There are three things I can not tolerate: cowardice, bad haircuts, and military insurrection, and, unfortunately, our friend Vegeta is absent.

Freeza is seen saying this in the anime Dragon Ball Z. He might be among the cruelest villains one has ever encountered in Dragon Ball Z, but this doesn''t mean he can''t say one or two sarcastic things. Apart from the horrific things he does, his sense of humor makes him so amazing.

14.I''m not afraid.Just looking for a place in the Mayonnaise Kingdom.

Toshiro Hijikata is a fan of mayonnaise in the anime series Gintama. This is the one of the finest comedy anime series of all time. This is because it becomes difficult for one to select the best comedy line.

In a scene involving Hijikata, a police officer, he takes himself seriously and claims to be in search of the Mayonnaise Kingdom without escaping from ghosts. Hijikata is so obsessed with mayonnaise that he even places it in his coffee.

13.Ill gladly turn it into a piece of paper!

In the famous anime series JoJos Bizarre Adventure, Terunosuke Miyamoto is a frightening person who is concerned about other peoples'' minds. Now consider this obsession and his capability, which allows him to turn in a piece of paper. This is surely among the best funny anime quotes.

12.Please do not worry, Monsieur, I''ve only been here to obliterate you rather than rob you.

Excel Saga is a 90s anime filled with random and funny situations. Excel attempts to assure them and warn them that she doesn''t mean any harm through these lines.

11.Im going to be late for the snail watching club, and im the only member!

Melvin Butlers in Sailor Moon is heard saying that he is one of the most adorable anime characters in the world of anime, and this line is an example of that. So many anime viewers wished to join him in the sailing watch club.

10.This is the magic item that suppresses my mighty magic powers.If I could ever take this off, this world would certainly flee, but that was a lie.I just wear it for looks.

Megumin in Konosuba is perceived as an honest anime character. Most people who are seen observing how powerful they are don''t often admit that it was just an act. Megumin does the opposite and justifies people that her outfit is to look cool, which is a deviation from the chuunibyo technique.

9.We had sex, and sex makes babies!!!

This is a number of topics on our funny anime quotes list. Nagisa Furukawa is seen saying too much in the hilarious anime CLANNAD. She tells them that she is a pregnant lady, which leads to her blurring these lines.

This makes her dad so angry that he tries to punch Tomoya and her boyfriend. It becomes so awkward that it becomes difficult to control their laughter. However, these conflicts do not last long and they are resolved quickly.

8.You might have killed millions of people, but at the very least, you made me happy.

In the anime series Legend of Galactic Heroes, Frederica Greenhill is creating a meme. It''s a wacky thing to laugh at, although it''s a shame to hear it. It may be understood that military officers might feel this way, but the way of speaking is wacky to dismiss.

7.Im real, im a super-magical human.I have kept this fact secret for a long time.Because our great king Rubalru had a miracle vision when he was about to die.Just then, when King Rulbaru was resting, an enemy kingdom suddenly attacked him.He was so upset!And then!

This is one of the most famous funny anime quotes from Fruits Basket, as said by Ayame Sohma. Ayame loves to embarrass his friends and brother, which is a good example of his attitude.

6.No matter what I do, I bless others.Im a sinful man.A Guilt Guy.

Another component of our selection of favorite anime quotes from the anime series Osomatsu-san has been renamed, according to Karamatsu Matsuno.

This anime series isn''t only well remembered today but was a popular one after it became available. Its fading popularity does not diminish its hilarity. This line itself demonstrates how dramatic was Karamatsu. Just imagine him saying this with his shining and glittering eyes.

5.For a pregnant woman to give birth, she must feel the pain of pulling a watermelon out of her nose.During an artist''s quest to create a masterpiece, he must experience the pain of pulling entire galaxies out of his ass.

Gintoki Sakat described these lines in the famous anime Gintama, a well-known comedy genre anime. Although, the way of expressing ones opinions and opinions can never be judged, but this line makes the viewers burst into instant laughter. This is certainly to be true from the best comedy series that has been ever created- Gintama.

4.An angel?So this is an angel?Of course, but he has no wings and his butts aren''t hanging out.

Another feature from Dragon Ball Super''s funniest anime quotes is the Goku saying this, which is absolutely fantastic to Goku.

3.Excuse me, but are you the oddball in your family?

Ash Ketchum is seen expressing these lines in Pokemon before getting straight to his point. For example, he said this to Nurse Joy in Pokemon Do Coil See Dreams of Electric Mice!

2.Even if you eat sweets, you won''t get fat.

This is the second entry from the famous anime Death Note in our list of funny anime quotes. L Lawliet sent the viewers a gentle reminder through these lines that one doesn''t need to eat sweets to make their heads functioning.

1.Do you have any idea how depressing we are?Don''t be fooled.

Kondou Isao uses Gintama''s funny words to own and mock his misgivings that a normal person will not do. Apart from this list of 25, there are also many funny quotes like An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough! So said Marie Mjolnir in the anime Soul Eater.

Hiei said in Yu Yu Hakushi, "So please tell me, what is it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?"

Azmaria is incredible. She is already learning how to kiss up to wealthy people at an all-time high, according to Rosette Christopher in Chrono Crusade. I dreamed that you were a dog. And the dog was my husband. Anyway, it was the worst dream ever! was said by Taiga Aisaka in the anime Toradora.

These were some of the different anime quotes we found useful and worth reading for our dear readers. We hope that these funny anime quotes made our readers laugh, and if they had a variety of interests, they might achieve that.

If you missed a few other famous anime quotes, please feel free to post them here. In the section below, you may include other funny anime quotes.

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