High Jinks in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S01E07 Review

High Jinks in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S01E07 Review

As in the episode "The Serene Squall," the Vulcan T''Pring (Gia Sandhu) takes an active interest in Spock''s (Ethan Peck) human half, much to his embarrassment and subsequent awkwardness. Consider this your minor spoilers warning moving forward.

Pike (Anson Mount) leads an away team to discover what happened outside of Federation space. As the episode progresses, we notice some additional exposition on Vulcan culture, T''Pring''''s duties, and the trap the Enterprise ultimately falls under. Despite the majority of the episode, a band of pirates takes over by surprise while the away team discovers a similar surprise. The episode, for the most part, goes pretty well with suggestions throughout the day to keep it fresh.

"The Serene Squall," which is directed by Sydney Freeland and directed by Sarah Tarkoff, has gone pretty straight as far as more action-oriented episodes go, allowing Mount, Peck, Sandhu, Bush, and Keitel moments to shine the brightest in every direction possible, hitting all of the right notes and anchoring the episode. It would be quite disappointing if they become a recurring character in future episodes given how it ends, and the series would definitely be welcome for it. Paramount

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