Ultimate Squad Final Findings for Dragon Ball Super CG Pull Rate Quest

Ultimate Squad Final Findings for Dragon Ball Super CG Pull Rate Quest

The top 10 rewards that collectors and players anticipating new sets are five Super Rares (SR) and two Special Rares (SPR). First, current sets have a box topper that may be a Super Rare or Special Rare. Finally, a booster case may include a Secret Rare (SCR). This is why I''ve now opened five booster boxes of this Pull Rate Quest series.

I had a SCR on the same level as previous box rates in five boxes. However, in my conversations with other collectors as well as openings, I have not seen any changes in rates. However, we can essentially confirm that SCRs remain at two per case of twelve boxes. I''m quite fortunate to have pulled one.

I did not pull a God Pack, making this the first set in over a year where I haven''t. I did, however, see other God Packs pull, so I see this as a simple draw.

As box toppers are more popular, the base rate of two SPRs and five SRs per box is set in stone as well. While minor, my findings suggest that there is no difference in the pull rate between SPR and SR boxes. I''d say it''s safe to assume SPRs are somewhat rarer as box toppers, but they''re certainly not prohibitively selective in adding them to boxes.

Finally, my last observation is that booster boxes are usually used for one and two foil Leaders. I wouldn''t be surprised if parallel foil drops were even random, but my one or two Leader foils was constant in every single box.

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