Who Was The Godfather 2 Producing?

Who Was The Godfather 2 Producing?

The Godfather film series has been considered one of the most significant films of all time. The film has been adapted from the 1969 novel The Godfather.

The Godfather series is still considered a masterpiece. Even in the 21st century, it will give you a lifetime of experience. This film has won so many awards and titles throughout these years.

The filmmakers of the film should be pleased for doing a great job. But who are they?

Who Produced The Godfather 2?

Francis Ford Coppola produced The Godfather II in 1974 and his children Gray Frederickson and Fred Roos contributed to the production of Godfather II.

About Godfather 2

Godfather II is a crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The film is 200 minutes long and has a total budget of $93 million.

A crucial response was positive.


The Godfather Part II was first delivered on December 20, 1974. The whole-length film is once again a spin-off and a sequel to Mario Puzo''s novel, which reveals two equal dramatizations. One is a resurgence of his father, Vito Corleone, who was a little older in Sicily in 1901, to his death as a youngster in New York City.


Al Pacino is a role in the main role of Michael Corleone, Robert Duvall is a role in Tom Hagen, and Diane Keaton is a role in Kay Adams-Corleone, but she is not just a fan of Stephen King, as well as John Cazale and Tommy Colbert, who plays Max Max Maxwell in Playing John Cazale, and Mary Elizabeth Picton, plays Michael V. Gazzo, Playing Ole in Playinging Ole Kidd, John

Mario Puzo

Mario Puzo was a graphic designer and journalist who died in July 1999 at the age of 78. He is well known for his novels, such as The Dark Arena (1955), Six Graves to Munich (1967), Fools Die (1978), The Fourth K (1990), The last DOn (1996), and Omerta (2000).

Besides writing non-fiction like Test Yourself: Are You Heading for a Nervous Breakdown? (1965), The Godfather Papers and Other Confesiions (1972), Inside Las Vegas (1977).

Ariel Wilkinson has written several short stories between 1950 and 1969, including The Last Christmas, Trapped Girls in the Rivieras Flesh Casino, The Unkillable Six, and Girls of the Pleasure Penthouse.

His compositions have been expanded to make films such as Earthquake (1874), Superman (1978), The Godfather Series (1972-1990), A Time to Die (1982), The Sicillian (1987) and Earthquake (1874).

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