Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in Destiny 2? The Next Big Idea in the Destiny 2 Community

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in Destiny 2? The Next Big Idea in the Destiny 2 Community

If you have been hanging around the Destiny 2 subreddit for the past few days, you may have noticed that the most recent thing taking the community by storm. This time around, everyones got their ideas on as they tried to determine the outcome of PvP scenarios in Who Wants to Be a Glimmillionaire.

This is a play on the famous game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, in which candidates are asked a question and four possible answers in hopes they may use it. In this newfound Destiny 2 version, the community has had to look into a bizarre or ambiguous PvP situation and determine what the outcome will be.

No_Consequence_9647, a long-time Bungie fan, has made some video for the sci-fi FPS as their main game ever since they got their hands on it. Along with another friend they met 16 years ago, No_Consequence started developing gaming related YouTube content.

Through long gaming-related videos, no one had ever thought about making a quiz type video for my shorts. One day I had a video that worked perfectly. So I started thinking about how to visualize it [in a manner that] would be recognized around the world. When I looked up some different quizzes WWTBAM popped up.

Like the original show, with the exception of jokes made by presenters, Who Wants to Be a Glimmillionaire is created with a comedic tone in mind. All clips used so far show off funnier aspects of Destiny 2 PvP - and the available answers reflect the chaotic nature of the games. At this point, people are taking advantage of what they kinda do. So this is my way of showing who I am as a person and that games should be enjoyed.

Although I am not a fan of the game''s content development, No_Consequence is not a fan of the recent changes to the PvP side of the game. I play everything but im less of a PvP main, and I''m not a huge fan of the recent changes. Especially the in-air accuracy [changes], which I see as a step back as I understand the changes, and I''ll be amazed how many future changes will be made, so I''ll be

When it comes to PvE, their perspective takes a more positive turn: Im loving the duality dungeon and trying to solo it is amazing. The changes to solar are insane too. All of these new builds and possibilities, just like with void 3.0 and stasis, and hopefully arc 3.0 too, are just so helpful to watch.

With only two Reddit subscribers, the internet community has received huge positive feedback. Every time I hear people express their appreciation for my stupid videos, I''m glad to hear it. Everytime I hear about it, I often notice that everyone loved it, and when I can express my gratitude.

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