The Diablo Immortal Crusader's most powerful build, skill, gear, gems, and ParagonPoints

The Diablo Immortal Crusader's most powerful build, skill, gear, gems, and ParagonPoints

The Diablo Immortal Crusader gives a narrator to the playable classes the most advanced experience possible with the templar.

This class is easy to master, and includes an amazing tool for you to confront several enemies at the same time, and protect your friends in the darkish areas you may discover yourself. Call for your holy powers to shield everyone, or to slash the evil you are facing.

To take the plunge through Diablo Immortals'' content with this class, you must learn how to prepare your Crusader, along with this page explaining the best skills, gear, gems, and how to utilize your Paragon Points to be the greatest Crusader you can.

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In Diablo Immortal, how to play as the Crusader

As the mighty warrior bears a massive shield and utilizing holy spells to damage and shield themselves, the crusader is an amazing class, even for beginners. It is by nature a tank class, designed to handle large groups of enemies while also providing useful support for survival.

The Crusader is capable of doing a lot of damage when in battle, but the class is unlikely to be the greatest DPS (damage per second) in a party, for example. Therefore, keep in mind that when playing solo, you will not burst enemies.

Despite the fact that you will die easily, even if you encounter multiple adversaries.

The Crusader in Diablo Immortal does not excel in terms of damage, but it will shine when grouping many enemies so you or your party may combine, clearing locations quite easily.

All of that is accomplished by following simple changes of abilities whose aim is to reduce damage. One of your main tools is to basically keep attacking, since the best basic attack of the Crusader will increase the likelihood of blocking attacks as you use it.

Besides that, the Crusaders kit provides players with exceptional crowd control skills, area-of-effect damage, and movement.

The Crusader will be a great option in case you plan on going through Diablo Immortals content in a group.

It has a lot of potential for party members, including stacking enemies, so a wizard or a demon hunter may combine with any of their powerful attacks.

When faced with danger, Crusader has buffs and shields which will prove to be worth having one of them in the party.

Diablo Immortal Crusader best skills

The set of abilities outlined aims to provide the ability to mitigate damage while controlling groups of enemies, ensuring that you can damage all of them at once.

This is a build made by thinking you may face the most of the gameplay offered by the solo, so keeping yourself alive until the end of a dungeon is our top goal.

  • Punish (Unlocked at level 1): This is going to be your pick for Primary Attack as a Crusader. This is a single-target attack that compensates for its lack of area damage by giving you a buff which increases the chance of blocking enemies attacks. This Primary Attack gives you access to the Counterattack ultimate which enhances Punish increasing the damage, and the area of effect besides giving you a shield based on a percentage of your maximum life.
  • Draw and Quarter (Unlocked at level 15): In order to structure this build around grouping enemies, Draw and Quarter is a key element for that. By using it, your character will ride a war horse, receive more movement speed, change your basic attack form, and you will also drag some enemies with holy chains. Use this skill to aggro enemies and conduct them to where you will use Consecration.
  • Consecration (Unlocked at level 20): Once you have aggroed the enemies, it is time to use Consecration while you use your basic attack. This is an area-of-effect skill that deals damage to all enemies in range for six seconds.
  • Spinning Shield (Unlocked at level 1): This is the most traditional skill for any class with a shield. By activating it, your character will have the shield dealing damage to enemies hit by it and they will also be dragged in your direction when the shield goes back. A good damage dealer while it also helps to group enemies.
  • Falling Sword (Unlocked at level 8): Using The Falling Sword you make your character throw a sword of holy energy to a location dealing damage to all enemies in the area. Activate it again to jump to the swords location. The Falling Sword skill is a great opener, and causes some damage in the area, but it also can give you more mobility as well as an escape option for more daring situations.

Diablo Immortal Crusader best gear

The following equipment we have selected was designed to meet our requirements.

However, since the role of Crusaders may vary depending on the situation, you may need to consider new pieces of gear to make connections with skills that are more focused on what you are in a group for example.

It is also important to keep in mind that Strength and Fortitude are the most essential attributes for a Crusader, so if you haven''t found the specific components we present here, you should focus on operating equipment that has these two characteristics.

  • Tumult (Main Hand) - A good option to increase the damage caused by Falling Sword, but you lose the option to activate it a second time to relocate your character.
  • Sinkhole Cross (Off-Hand) - This first option is in case you are looking for more crowd control since it changes the Spinning Shield skill which now will hover at an area, damaging enemies and slowing them.
  • Gimcrack Buckler (Off-Hand) - In case you think your build has enough crowd control and would like to focus more on damage, this will make every block from Punishs passive ability to cause an explosion dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Many-Eyed Aegis (Head) - This helmet modifies the Consecration skill, making it move with you. To any player who usually places their AoE attack in the wrong spot, this equipment will prevent that to happen.
  • Sivkets Advantage (Shoulder) - It increases the duration of the Draw and Quarter skill.
  • Bladed Jambeau (Legs) - Using this piece of equipment will modify Draw and Quarter, making your horse do more damage, but at the sacrifice of your ability to drag some enemies with the holy chains.
  • Besieger (Chest) - Adding another modification for the Draw and Quarter skill, this chest equipment will make a bombardment happen from time to time.

The Windloft Perfection set should not only increase your damage, but also give you a shield to mitigate damage.

Diablo Immortal Crusader best gems

Gems are a key component of the construction, but some of them aren''t easy to get started.

  • Everlasting Torment - When you get a critical hit, the enemy is inflicted by agony doing damage over time.
  • Blood-Soaked Jade - This gem is a simple but powerful one that increases all your damage and movement speed.
  • Seeping Bile - With this gem you have the chance of poisoning enemies which will spread among other enemies if the victim dies. Great ability to have when dealing with a group of enemies with Consecration.
  • Fervent Fang - Increases the damage dealt with an enemy every time they are hit up to 10 stacks.
  • Blessing of the Worthy - With this gem you will have a chance of damaging enemies every time you are hit by them.
  • Chained Death - This gem increases your damage based per target hit which goes quite well with the Crusaders AoE skills.

Points of Crusader Paragon in Diablo Immortal

Paragon is a condition that once you reach level 60 with your character. Every time you level up after this point, you get a Paragon Point.

Although this system will boost significant attributes, the first levels are pretty basic for each class, since the objective is to make progress easier.

Concentrate on placing your points first on the Vanquisher tree until you get Paragon level 50. Then you may begin progressing in the Treasure Hunter tree.

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