Why Did Joe Leave Impractical Jokers?

Why Did Joe Leave Impractical Jokers?

Many shows have maintained their fresh content for the audience over the years. It is based on friends Joe Gatto, James Murray, Sal Vulcano, and Brian Quinn to indulge in outrageous jokes; these are often cruel. The show even enhanced the hidden camera technique, and gave us a prank war.

It began as a low-budget show and gained huge popularity, so huge that it received its feature-length film.The show has been revived for its 10th season, and it will be back in the near future.

Unfortunately, for the fans, one of the four friends will miss the future episodes of the Impractical Joker. Joe Gatto has announced that recently, and he can see how it works.

What Did Joe Say On Leaving The Show?

In an Instagram post on December 31, which was somewhat fun, he explained that he would step back to deal with some issues in his personal life; given that he and his wife Bessy Gatto split after nine years of relationship.

He wrote his post that he would not be involved in the Impractical Jokers. He has also with his friends dedicated his life to developing the franchise, and is proud of what he achieved, but due to obstacles in his life, he has to leave the show.

He said that he will concentrate on co-parenting his two amazing children; he also expressed his gratitude to other of his three show friends. He mentioned that other than his family, his friendship with Q (Brian Quinn), Murr (James Murray), and Sal (Sal Vulcano) have been very significant in his life. They will continue to make the world laugh. He also commended all of them.

In the end, he thanked his supporters for their ongoing support and stated that he intends to explore new ways to entertain them.

What Does His Exit Mean for The Unpractical Jokers?

Joe has left the show, but the show will resume with a new season. Brian Quinn on the Tell them Steve-Dave podcast has confirmed that the new season has been approved for production in January, and that the project is in progress.

As per Cinema Blend, he said he did not know about doing it without Joe, but wanted to keep doing it, so the employees returned to work.

Joe continued and said if he would have left the show, he didn''t want the boys to stop the program, and there were many negatives of him being out with the end of the show. But he accepts that nothing can be done, so to take it as it is and have fun; once he gets away with this feeling, he feels okay.

The show will also develop and produce original scripted and unscripted programming for TBS, truTV, HBO Max, and TNT as per Deadline.

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