Apple's MacBook Pro Notch is used to to copy AirDrop Files by a developer

Apple's MacBook Pro Notch is used to to copy AirDrop Files by a developer

Apple announced the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models late last year after a significant renovation. Both models were equipped with Apple''s custom silicon along with a notch up top with reduced bezels. Apple compared the iPhone X back in 2017 and has now refused to update the product on other iPhone devices. However, this fact has prompted mixed reactions from users. This time, a developer hopes to test his skills and make use of the notch for sharing compatible images via AirDrop with a nice animation

The Notch on the New MacBook Pro is Utilized in the Most Stunning Way, and It''s Equally Smart

The MacBook Pro notch is quite prominent and serves no purpose as a faceTime webcam. However, the display was taken a bit out, which might be causing confusion. In a new video posted on Twitter, the developer has created a new app for the MacBook Pro that simplifies sending files.

The new app will allow users to drag and drop the files onto the notch itself, which will allow them to open the AirDrop share window for devices in range. This allows users to easily send AirDrop-compatible files to their friends and relatives.

The most common way to use AirDrop on a MacBook Pro is to open a file, navigate to the Share menu, and control-clicking the file. Moreover, Ian Keen made the process extremely straightforward, and to be fair, the process is not only fun but beautifully designed. The video below shows you how the video unfolds.

Tonight I''ve got the pleasure to introduce a bit of airdrop helper app.

Ian Keen (@IanKay) June 16, 2022

Ian Keen''s app isn''t available for everyone at this point because it''s in the testing phase. However, the developer hopes to offer a version of the app on TestFlight in the coming days. It also suggests that the AirDrop app is designed to work on MacBook models with a notch, but it should just be effective on Macs without a notch. In July, the app will also work on the next MacBook.

Well, it''s all there is to it, folks. What you liked most of the new app? Are you looking forward to giving it a run? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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