Crisis Core, a PSP game or not, deserves its remaster; it has become an integral part of Final Fantasy 7

Crisis Core, a PSP game or not, deserves its remaster; it has become an integral part of Final Fanta

The remainder of the Final Fantasy 7 anniversary series had already done everything it could to trample everything else into the memory of the original game, so you could not help but wonder if it was truly worth it.

Dirge of Cerberus was a poor-man Gungrave with the most boring FF7 party member. Advent Children was a dark, incoherent epilogue that slowed the original games ending and aided the world further into the more generic anime feel it has today. After all, the proposition of a prequel was absolutely threatening. A sequel, however, is of the nature to wreak havoc on the material.

It''s absolutely awsome. A soundtrack of industrial metal remixes? A bizarre slot machine subsystem? A Sephiroth origin story? Square Enixs'' ability to deliver a Final Fantasy game with real-time combat after Dirge of Cerberus was unexistent. However, there were people at the time who felt that everything worked and that it was just another unsavory and unsavory cash-in that spawned an already long-running story. Crisis Core is not a fan of merely en

It was straightforward to see all of this and be immediately turned off. To learn more about Sephiroths'' secret best friend based on GACKT and die a little inside. To be introduced to a slot-machine based combat system that randomly doles out special abilities and immediately wants to go to bed. It appears to be a bit gauche. This sombre and affecting story that reflects rather than diminishes the original.

Zack is disgruntled from the opening, making his appearance as a genuinely light and sympathizing character in a series famous for gloomy edgelords even harder. Obviously, the character was determined as being nowhere near an epic send-off for the rest of the Compilation. Instead, Zack valiantly charges headfirst into a battalion of heavily armed troopers and missile-spewing helicopters. Again, it seems like something that should be equally ridiculous and

The spinning slots of the twisted digital Mind Wave, which was initially viewed as a superflu and silly addition to the combat system, are suddenly used to deliver an emotional gut punch. As the acoustic guitar kicks in and the characters bite into, they glow before touching him out like a covered 35mm film. As Zack takes more hits and his health declines, more and more of the fortunate individuals are important to him.

The soundtrack stops, and it''s down to Zack and those three guys on a hill. Even if the screen starts bleeding, you can keep fighting, and the Digital Mind Wave starts breaking down. Zach is the only face left on the slots, and Zach is clinging on.

Zacks'' fate is sabotaged in stone by a game which was released a decade earlier. He eats his last bullet and three portraits of Aerith line up on the screen before being swallowed by light. It should not, but it absolutely does. A perfunctory moment from the original is transformed into something much greater by utilizing the games own systems in a way that Squares games rarely do.

Crisis Core was a boring prequel that systematically and reliably put all of the pieces in place for Final Fantasy 7. Instead, it is a self-contained story of wreaking havoc on players and situations. More than a decade later, the Remake of Final Fantasy 7 would drastically buck player expectations and strike out in a completely different direction than the original narrative.

It is important to remember that this will still be essentially a PSP game. If you have played Final Fantasy Type-0, youll know that a diverge between visual fidelity and the strangling constraints of the environments and encounters will occur. There is a real danger that new players attempting the game on big expensive PCs and modern consoles will hit a wall where the expectation of an unsung classic meets boring corridors and repetitive button mashing. Level and combat design that works perfectly for short bursts

If you can handle all of that, here''s how the final Fantasy 7 remake is created, in a fantastic way that involves people you already care about in a totally different way, while also being extremely serious. It''s quite nocturnal on a visual and mechanic level, but is surprisingly appropriate for being based on a game in which you can combat a ruined house in between situations of environmental terrorism.

If you consider Final Fantasy 7 of a sacred text, Crisis Core will turn your stomach. In one of the most fascinating stories in the medium, you will find a fascinating artefact.

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