Ryu, Chun-Li, and Luke are among the Street Fighter 6 themes

Ryu, Chun-Li, and Luke are among the Street Fighter 6 themes

Block-Boxing Beats

With each iteration in the classic fight franchise, which has a host of great (and sometimes not-so-great) melodies, a street-grown hip-hop atmosphere to match its alleyway visuals and nightclub fashion wardrobe.

Capcom released full versions of three character themes yesterday, indicating the disgrace for the release of three of the previously confirmed characters. Among them are shoto maestro Ryu, crimestopper Chun-Li, and braggadocious military brat Luke. So crank up the volume, sonny, and lets check out the rest.

Luke Taking Aim

When you look for strength, it''s not like a game.????

By listening to Luke''s Theme in #StreetFighter6, you can improve your martial arts. pic.twitter.com/pNtedBBKyL

Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) June 10, 2022

Taking Aim is a mix of flavors that blend funk and hip-hop to achieve a softer tone. It''s certainly intended to reflect Luke''s part-time hobby as a TrU3, but as essentially the lead character for, this theme needs to capture the whole gameplay. But what you need to know about this point is based on what we have seen so far.

Chun-Li Not a Little Girl

The finale is on!???

Chun-Li''s theme in #StreetFighter6 is inspired by Chun-Li''s new philosophical approach to life. pic.twitter.com/LnEUKcDsgT

Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) July 10, 2022

Despite the Chun-Lis motif, the trio retains the street charm of a few of the characters, providing a testament to The Strongest Woman in the World''s grace, tranquility, and poise. If you played this to someone and said Which character is this, there''s a strong chance theyd call Chun, which is the sign of an appropriate melody.

However, Not a Little Girl sounds like a WWE album track. Seriously?

Ryu Viator

This will be a wonderful one.

In #StreetFighter6????, you''ll get to know Ryu''s new theme and his fascination for the new one. pic.twitter.com/8CKnm4VJmR

Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) June 16, 2022

Ryu, who is already the owner of one of the finest fighting game history, looks to be a fan of new music. It''s going to take a while to develop, but it''s unlikely that some of the fans on social media will kick in.

What do you think? Some have expressed concern about the whole theme, and I get it, because it is certainly a bold rubber stamp on the series. I dig it personally, and I am grateful that Capcom has chosen an aesthetic and committed to it rather than mish-mashing moods in an effort to please everyone. Im looking forward to seeing and hearing more characters in the future.

The release of 2023 will be available on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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