Winter 2023: Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII

Winter 2023: Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII

The second title in the Final Fantasy VII remake has just been announced, and it will be here in a few months.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be available on PlayStation 5 in the winter of 2023. Square Enix has stated that the second title will continue the story of the changing RPG genre in the gaming world.

Here''s what Naoki Hamaguchi, Director of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, has said:

I''m pleased that we have been given the opportunity to announce and I feel a sense of commitment to provide the ultimate experience to all gamers eagerly await this game. The whole process has already begun, and the team is extremely motivated in assembling everything and working to create a finished game. We are starting it with all of the skill and dedication we need to develop an original game and provide the ultimate world building experience.

Is it important to watch the Final Fantasy franchise? Will you get the second title?

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