Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII is on unpaved roads, and im here for it

Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII is on unpaved roads, and im here for it

The newest entry in the remake project is dubbed. The news revealed yesterday confirms that the next entry will arrive next winter, and the story of Cloud and pals will continue on. However, it also locks in a few interesting tidbits about itself, which seem to guide the way in which we are going about making this classic adventure: true re-making.

I thought there was a concern about what the first name of this new series would be, but what is the next one? Or another other equally bizarre naming convention, the type only Square might concoct?

Well, the answer is rather simple:, and there will be a second game in the future to complete the story.

Ive encountered some discord about this. possesses certain expectations especially in video games. Games like Bluepoints, and Capcoms upcoming remakes all hew closer to the source material. Some might include new content or ideas, in ways that improve the game quite significantly, including see and its new camera angle and controls. However, it remains a different angle on largely familiar subject material.

Remake does not mean recreation. It''s possible to feasibly re-make something, essentially, make it from scratch, from square-zero. What''s the significance of it?

Whats in a ?

It was quite clear up-front about how it wasn''t going to be a direct retelling. Story events occur at unintended moments. Different conversations take place. There are literally ghosts flying around, trying to reinforce the original narrative, and the ends with the party defeating them.

Alex Donaldson of RPG Site wrote about this as well, highlighting how fans had written their own arguments about why any of these events happened but still might be a remake. I think this is not about simply making a new one from the ground-up, while still acknowledging the original.

We see clouds and Sephiroth walking together in the trailer. We get rid of phrases, such as what will happen to the planet, and what does Sephiroth actually want? Square is already making a major makeover from the original game, and with a new master on the way, it seems to be making a big use of Zack.

Tackling history

The first film, however, was a remake of the first quarter-to-third of the television series. Then, everything radically changed, and the third film, according to the authors, is aware of every detail.

I dont do this for remake comparisons, but because I answered a similar question to what it feels s developers have as well: how do you remake something so significant, so well-remembered?

In s case, the decision has been made. There is a fresh future ahead, where the tracks have been broken up, and new possibilities await. Different characters, like Aerith and Sephiroth, are aware of this fact, and there are already some big theories out there about their existence in this timeline.

For some, this might be a surprise. Ive noticed before that a direct remake of is what some people were hoping wed get. Square Enix is delivering that, albeit in the form of, a retreading of everything.

Building a trilogy

Im kind of curious about this new direction, though. With, it appears that the remake series is not only pursuing new directions and unscheduled story avenues, but doing so in recognition of what happened before it. Yes, I think this will be extremely meta and twist over themselves. After all. Tetsuya Nomura is now the creative director.

Yet its a sort of bizarre impossibilities that feels more exciting to me than playing through the classic again. Could we see a world in which Aerith does not have to die? In which Cloud and Zack might co-exist, or perhaps where their shared presence brings them to cross Buster Swords? What of the extended cast of Vincent, Cait Sith, and Cid?

Producing Yoshinori Kitase highlighted the special place a middle entry has in a trilogy. Yet there is a tradition of classic second installments, which are engaging with complex scenes. As two factors, Kitase reveals how the characters might stand out. Rebirth appears to be following in the same vein.

While there might be some sort of disappointment in not getting these same moments from faithfully recreated, this also means we can go anywhere from here. It might still be beneficial or bad, but at the least, it will not be something we already know. For me, this is quite exciting. Nothing is off the table at this point.

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