Before you download, you may predict whether your PC can handle a game

Before you download, you may predict whether your PC can handle a game

Finally, no more guesswork

My entire gaming life has been filled with quite crappy computers. At some point, I was playing endless amounts of on an old Lenovo ThinkPad that I used in college, but it didn''t matter as long as the game could run on a toaster. I once tried to play on that same laptop that one did not go so well. But now the Xbox App on PC has put out a new feature that will reduce our skins from downloading games we cant even play. It can also tell you whether or not your computer will

The way it works is quite simple: you select the game you want to potentially download, and right under the install button, you receive a message that says whether or not your PC can handle it.

In a blog post for the Xbox PC app updates, an example photo of the feature, Plays well on similar PCs. That''s much simpler than having to look through your computer specs, compare them with the games recommended hardware, and pray. This feature will be particularly beneficial for Xbox Game Pass users, who of course download games from the App quite often.

In a similar blog post, Xbox highlights other improvements to the app, including upgrades to the backend so that everything will be smoother and more reliable. Several people claim that they have also enhanced the apps'' navigation and search capabilities, but most of that is like adding search categories like Game to play together and Side scrollers.

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