Wordle's Today's Answer (Saturday 18 June 2022): #364 and suggestions

Wordle's Today's Answer (Saturday 18 June 2022): #364 and suggestions

Have you ever wanted to get the Wordle answer on Saturday 18 June 2022? Happy weekend, everyone! Let''s all start the way we intend to go on: banging our heads in frustration with the simple, stupid, and magical daily word puzzle that has enraptured the world for months.

By revealing three carefully crafted notes to today''s Wordle solution, we''ll help alleviate the pain of having to engage your brain on a Saturday morning. For those who want the solution itself, click here for the most current version of this page.

Today''s Wordle answer is a great way to say goodbye to it (Saturday 18 June 2022)

Look out the following tips for today''s answer if you''re looking for some clues that might help you find the Wordle word.

  • Today''''s Wordle word has just three unique letters.
  • The vowels outnumber the consonants.
  • The word relates to something sweet.

Today''s Wordle answer: What is the word "Thu" for 18 Jun?

Alright, enough teasing. If you''re just looking for information about the solution definition, check it out below.

CACAO is today''s Wordle answer.

Thanks to those who guessed "COCOA," and their condolences. Cacao is today''s Wordle word, and it is the name of the seed from which cocoa and chocolate are entirely loved. So, it''s quite similar in terms of spelling and meaning to cocoa, but it''sn''t quite in taste, as cacao nibs themselves are likely to be much more bitter than the chocolate you''re accustomed to scarfing down.

As usual, we encourage each of you to keep the delectable secret of today''s Wordle answer to useful for the time being, and not spread it around, so that you do not miss out on other players who like to do so too much.

If you''re looking for advice and advice on how to get better at divining each day''s Wordle answer, then check out our list of the best Wordle beginning words. If you want to see a list of the types of five-letter words that have historically been chosen as the answer, please check our previous Wordle answers list.

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