A New DLC for The Current Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Video Game

A New DLC for The Current Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Video Game

Microids has announced that the current version of the video game will be getting some additional DLC. The game now has the Deluxe upgrade available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in North America, with the complete version (the main game and the upgrade) being released on the Nintendo Switch on June 22nd. The new content includes 3,000 additional questions, new question packs, and a quick game mode. You can see more about the upgrade here.

The greatest advantage you''ll get to being a contestant on Reach the Top of the well-known and intimidating moneytree by answering, without missing any, a series of 15 more difficult questions. Naturally, the game will include famous lifelines such as ''Phone a Friend'', ''Ask the Audience, 50-50, and ''Switch the Question,'' as well as new content throughout the year! This DLC is the first major milestone for the game as it will receive several new

  • More than 3,000 new questions, for a grand total of 8,000 questions!
  • New question packsto put your knowledge about the Olympic Games or the Justice League to the test!
  • An option toremove the timerallowing everyone to take the time they need to submit their final answer!
  • A new"quick game"mode focusing only on questions and answers letting players reach the million faster!
  • Enhanced models and animationsimmersing all contestants even more into the real game show!

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