Shaymin & More | The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder Part 5

Shaymin & More | The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder Part 5

The retrospective journey through the era of the continues is now underway. Although this set was mainly Zeraora and Lugia-themed, it included cards featuring other major fan favorites such as Mimikyu, Suicune, and others. Today, we begin our journey with a Mythical and two Legendaries.

  • Shaymin: Using fine line artwork and soft watercolors, artistSekio renders the Mythical Shaymin beautifully. Shaymin walks through a floral bush in its Land Forme in this card, which reminds me of just a couple of weeks ago when I was scouting a location blooming with flowers to encounter and photograph Shaymin during Fest 2022.
  • Virizion GX: The underappreciated Grass/Fighting-type Sword of Justice gets its turn at an Ultra Rare. Virizion and, truly, the other two Swords of Justice Cobalion and Terrakion don''''t always get a fair shake considering the fandom''''s preference for other Legendaries. However, I''''m a big Virizion guy and I like this brightly colored V which slows Virizion looking down at us with a sly "You don''''t know what I have up my sleeve" vibe as illustrated by 5ban Graphics.
  • Moltres: ArtistMisa Tsutsui beautifully mixes an icy blue background with the swirling vortex of flames that Moltres has stirred up. Moltres can go either way, with some cards depicting it as majestic while others lean into the of it all. Here, Moltres is like an elemental deity, awe-inspiring and badass.

Stay tuned for the continued journey through To look back on this retrospective series, click the Lost Thunder tag below for more. Next time, this journey continues with the main section of this set.

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