When Billy Tucci saw new ways for diamond to make money for him, he became aware

When Billy Tucci saw new ways for diamond to make money for him, he became aware

Mark Herr, the great gatekeeper of Diamond, allowed a nobody student in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to have worldwide access to his comic books, long before webcomcis might be a realistic thing. He is still sharing his memories of his days on Facebook. This little gem, about Billy Tucci, is also shared with Diamond Comic Distributors.

Here''s a little bit of comic book industry history I thought I would share with you. It goes back (once again) to my time at Diamond Comic Distributor''s purchasing division.

There was a period in which retailers had the option of doing their monthly order on a computer disc rather than manually writing it in an order book. Every month, we''d send out discs to retailers, they''d enter their orders and send them back to us. These discs were then sent out in a plain white mailer.

One day, Billy Tucci from Crusade Entertainment came to our offices for a meeting. He always stated, "Why not put art on the mailers, and promoting different titles?" Then he said, "You may sell the spot again." Now, as soon as you understand it, you let me be the first.

We agreed to a single issue or event because to make it more cost effective, we''d have to print months worth at once. But we agreed to his suggestion.

I found a couple of the Crusade sleeves from Chaos Comics and Central Park Media. I don''t remember who all did them before they went to doing their orders online instead of despising discs back and forth. One hand, he saw a blank slate and said, "Art should go there." And as an entrepreneur, he discovered a niche to enthuse his title, his company, and other people.

Again, a small part of comic book history, that I may only miss. Nevertheless, examples like these show you the best creators, the best publishers, and are always looking for ways to do it.

"Oh my yes! Man, were we firing on all cylinders? Thank you, Mark!"

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