Where Was the Caribbean Summer Filmed?

Where Was the Caribbean Summer Filmed?

After a serious work-out, Jade is a news producer. In the upcoming Hallmark Channel film Caribbean Summer (Heather Hemmens). She decides to take a vacation to the Caribbean.

The film''s creators were very pleased to be working in such a stunning location. Caribbean Summer and the Hallmark Channels'' latest film, which premiered on Saturday, June 11th at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. Heather Hemmens and SerDarius Blain feature in the film.

Hidden Gems and Hallmark Channels are the first film from their Summer Nights series for the month of June, which was recently released. In Caribbean Summer, the feel-good network continues to lead us to a tropical escape.

Where was Caribbean Summer filmed?

According to a movie''s press release, Caribbean Summer was shot in Belize, a lovely country on the eastern coast of Central America. According to the Travel Belize website, Belize has Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense vegetation to the west.

Belize is known for its vacation destinations, where you can go backpacking, explore its beaches and coast, go kayaking or horseback riding, see all of the exotic bird tours offered, and more. Their website even lists eco-tours available. The films were set in Placencia, Belize.

Meet the cast Caribbean Summer

When Heather Hemmens signed a multi-picture agreement with Crown Media, she plays Jade, the news producer who wants to travel on vacation.

According to Hemmens, I am excited to continue working with Crown Media. Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries are the go-to networks for feel-good entertainment, and I am extremely fortunate to be a part of it.

SerDarius Blain portrays Ford, the house owner who falls for Hemmens as villain. According to IMDb, Blain will release two new films soon: Mission Street, which is in pre-production, and The Knocking, which is in post-production.

Aisha Toussaint, Elizabeth Conboy, Buom Tihngang, and Ron Sierra are among the actors in the film. Steven R. Monroe, the filmmaker of several Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel, is also on the lookout.

About Caribbean Summer

After an embarrassing incident during a live broadcast, a morning news producer called Jade journeys to a calm Caribbean island for a forced stay in the Caribbean Summer.

Jade goes on a romantic island journey with the real owner of the property, a mysterious guy named Ford, on a sour note.

Jade slowly begins to let her guard down around Ford, enjoying everything the island has to offer. Jades'' knowledge may be a game changer for her career. Will she offer him assistance by removing his name, hoping that they may live happily ever after?

Where to watch and stream Caribbean Summer?

The most common question is: Where to watch Caribbean Summer? Unfortunately, it is not on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. You may also stream Caribbean Summer on DIRECTV (free trial), Fubo TV (free trial), and Philo (free trial).

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