Kirsty Mitchell talks only about the repercussions of the shock events during a casualty school shooting

Kirsty Mitchell talks only about the repercussions of the shock events during a casualty school shoo

Two armed intruders fled Holbys Carsbury Park Highschool and caused unimaginable death and destruction in the school shooting.


As the terrible events unfolded at the secondary school, viewers experienced panic and pandemonium in the episode that started on Saturday, June 18 2022.

As their children Ollie (Harry Collett) and Natalia (Zoe Brough) were at the school, the team headed by clinical lead Dylan Keogh (William Beck) prepared themselves for an influx of deaths. It was an unprecedented situation for everyone involved, and especially for nurse manager David Hide (Jason Durr) and advanced clinical practitioner Faith Cadogan.

At this point, it was assumed that a single perpetrator was at large, but scenes from the school revealed the awful truth - Ollie and his friend Rob (Noah Valentine) were killing their students and teachers.

In chilling scenes, the two, who had signed a suicide arrangement, swept the classrooms one last time before the cops arrived. While Rob was in another room, Ollie tied eyes with Natalia, who was hiding under a desk, but decided to save his childhood friend''s life. He told Rob that the room was clear.

Natalia escaped shortly afterwards, but she confronted Ollie, who tearfully asked her to take his pistol. Natalia fled, but Rob and a wounded Ollie fought, before Ollie fell on the balcony.

Moments later armed police burst into the school and a shootout ensued with Rob. Yet this wasn''t the end of the horrible ordeal. All three teenagers were brought into the ED where the truth had agonized.

As an investigation was launched, Rob died of his injuries, while Ffion Morgan (Stirling Gallacher) arrested Ollie and sent a team to the Hides home. But there was more to come - Ollie died, and David, supported by Dylan, was rescued from the ED, as his stunned friends and colleagues waited silently. Leaving viewers with dozens of questions

There will be much more to come in future episodes. An investigation is launched, David''s life unravels, and dozens of teenagers and their families face horrific loss, life-changing injuries, disbelief, anger, and sorrow.

We met with Kirsty Mitchell, who plays Faith Cadogan and is central to future episodes, to discuss what she will be holding.

This interview was conducted prior to the tragic events at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and the episode is being moved into the schedules.

Kirsty, please join us to talk about the Casualty school shooting episode.After reading, we were shocked.When we were there, were you surprised.

"Yes, and there are all kinds of consequences that follow," Kirsty Mitchell says. It''s really heartfelt, and the way Jason [Durr, who plays David, plays it. I''m sure everyone loves her, especially because they did something terrible. It must be horrendous for him."

Was there a large effort to keep the details hidden while filming?

"They did a fantastic job of keeping things under wraps," says KM. There was a sinkhole at the school where they filmed. A real sinkhole under the school was going great until that. Besides, the fact that we had a slew of talented performers who were young and were all covered in nasty bruises."

Do you mention negatives?Could you clarify what you will do next?

"The disasters don''t stop; it continues. "The consequences of what happens to the parents and children after this," according to KM. "There''s a lot more going on on the show."

Bis to this point, David and Faith have been close friends.Given Ollie was one of the perpetrators, and Natalia was caught up in the horrific events, will this make them apart?

"There are definitely head-to-heads that happen!" KM says. After a long day of conversation, Jason and I attempted to keep it true. Faith begins jumping to conclusions. David and Faith are friends and colleagues, but there''s a part of her who thinks, How did you not know? But that gets revealed, why did he not know."

Its a difficult situation all round

"Yes, and there are all these stages that you go through, so grief for the children this happened to, then anger sets in." In true drama style, we have a reflection of what''s going on in Faiths life. There are quite big things she doesn''t know, and that''s going on with her own daughter. "What''s going on?"

During Wednesdays Child, what would you say about your Faiths emotions?

"She only wants to know if her daughter is okay," says KM. When youre a nurse at work and your child arrives to the hospital, you''re trying to decide between how panicked you are as a parent and how much of the ACP is in charge. Having the necessary medical knowledge can help her feel comfortable or less danger.

"I can''t imagine [what it''s like] for parents who have gone through this. It''s horrendous. The pain of your child being so scared when you weren''t there is, I think, the greatest part."

And finally, we know there will be huge repercussions for David, but will Faith and her family be also in the spotlight?

"The impact," said Faith''s family and her daughter Natalia, "there''s a lot going on." Natalia is not fine, but she is crying in a corner. In contrast to a kid in a coma, Faith is attempting to balance all of these things at work as well as at home. "There''s a lot of interest going on."

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