Tactical FPS is either ready or not returning to Steam after a trademarkdispute

Tactical FPS is either ready or not returning to Steam after a trademarkdispute

After resolving a trademark dispute, Tactical FPS Ready or Not is back on Steam.

Void Interactive, a developer, told me that it was dealing with a "suggested trademark infringement" of its "recent Night Club map," which was later released as part of the early access game''s most recent update earlier in the week.

"We take IP concerns very seriously, and in a good faith, we have decided to remove the subject materials and any reference to them from Ready or Not, or from any of our social media or other publications," Void said (mercicles, NME).

Consequently, the game was removed from the Steam store as the team "completed [the] changes", although the alleged reasons for its removal were only revealed two days after it had been removed.

The problem has apparently been resolved, and the shooter is once again on sale. Despite the developer''s pause, he said, about the significance of the trademark dispute, although some viewers think the nightclub described in the update was a bit more similar to that of a UK chain of venues.

Attention Officers,Ready or Not is now available on Steam and is very sorry for this downtime. We hope this process would not be too inadvertent.https://t.co/mc5IKZo98p

"Attention Officers, Ready or Not, is back on Steam and now once again available," Void said yesterday. "We are very sorry for this downtime and hope it was not too bad."

It''s not the first time the shooter has encountered a lot of a problem, as Void Interactive lost the publisher for Ready or Not days after he indicated that it would include a school shooting mission. The change came shortly after a developer commented on a Reddit thread about a shooting: "You better believe it"

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