The Most Used Character in the Honkai Star Rail Beta Was Dan Heng

The Most Used Character in the Honkai Star Rail Beta Was Dan Heng

Honkai: Star Rail has had its second closed beta, and HoYoVerse has released some data from the experience. Genshin Impact, a similar game from the company, has performed this in accordance with the Teyvat Times. This information mostly includes information regarding the character who is most used, the most amount of damage dealt with a single attack, and the monster players being defeated the most.

According to the post, the highest damage from a single hit is 323,891, with Seele behind these numbers. Herta threw a total of 3,482,448 times, and players squished out at Treasure Trotters the most. There is a body count of 42,357 Treasure Trotters from the closed beta.

Dan Heng, the character player who played him most in the parties, was identified by HoYoVerse. However, the number of people who used him was unknown.

Finally, thus far, players have lost 149,840 times for their entire team. On Hoyolab, the complete list of names is available.

Honkai: Star Rail is set to be launched in 2021 in a similar sci-fi setting, although it will include different characters. Unlike, which is the other game in the universe, it will feature a turn-based battle system.

Star Rail is in development and will be available on Windows PC and mobile devices.

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