A 12-year-old version of The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero has been released

A 12-year-old version of The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero has been released

The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero is on PC with an English language release, 12 years after its first release. The port is being overseen by Peter "Durante" Thoman, primarily known for JRPG ports and Dark Souls fixes, and a new developer blog post examines how Trails From Zero is being modernised.

This is the term "story trailer," but I had to watch it three times because the music and disconnected imagery kept me entering a pure vibe state. What I had all of my experiences was thoughts: that''s a big train; the little ones are always walking; why is that girl underwater; am I spinning around inside the... cyberverse?

In Trails From Zero, Lloyd Bannings, you return to Crossbell, your home city, and join the police department, where you are assigned to the Special Support Section to handle oddjobs. You quickly discover there''s more crime and corruption in the city than you first realized, and you must work with your pals Elie MacDoweell, Randy Oralndo, and Tio Plato to keep things going. What fantastic names.

I haven''t played any of the The Legend of Heroes games or its Trails subseries, although there''s a billion of''em. Trails From Zero was first released in Japan in 2010, although a fan-created English version did not appear for ten years. Shortly thereafter, the creators of the fan translation agreed to collaborate with NIS America on this official release.

If a recent Steam post by developers PH3 is indicative, the PC release will include support for different aspects, a flexible UI, a message log, improved draw distance, and anti-aliasing. The post examines these features, as well as the previous modern console ports and modders who implemented them first.

The Legend of Heroes: Tails From Zero will be released on PC on Steam on September 27th.

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