Astral Radiance Booster Box in Pokemon TCG Early Opening

Astral Radiance Booster Box in Pokemon TCG Early Opening

Today is a special day for Pokemon Company International. Today, I''ll give you an early look at the nextPokemon TCG expansion,Sword & Shield Astral Radiance. I have a booster box and an Elite Trainer Box to open so we can experience this brand new set together. First, let''s crack open the booster box.

Astral Radianceis focuses on the Hisui region, which was initially developed in the open-world film "Pokemon Legends: Arceus." The Hisui is actually a Sinnoh version where certain species appear differently or evolve into other forms. The set mascots are the additions to Hisuian Samurott''s, Hisuian Decidueye, and Hisuian Typhlosion, along with Origin Forme Palkia and Origin Forme Dial

We have some idea of what this set has to offer, as we know it removes cards from the Japanese sets Battle Region, Time Gazer, andSpace Juggler. As I write this intro, I have yet to look at the card list, but the box art provides a detailed explanation of what cards are included. The card I''m most after is the Pokemon pictured on the side of the box art.

My good friend is Cynaquil back when I was little boy, and the new Psychic-type Hisuian variant is absolutely amazing. The cards with this Pokemon include a V, a VSTAR, a Full Art V, and a Rainbow Rare VSTAR. Let''s make a mistake.

First, let me say this was an absolutely insane opening. I open a lot ofPokemon TCG booster boxes, with an average of twelve to fifteen per set. This is my favorite hobby of choice, after all. Due to those high numbers, I''ve already opened excellent boxes. While I''ve learned a lot about pulling rates, I''m aware that pull rates are mostly random and I''m prepared for anything.

This box was among the best I''ve opened. This is partly luck and partly because Sword & Shield Astral Radiance has a subset of cards that can be pulled in the reverse holo slot and partly because of a theory I have, which I''ll delve into in a bit.

When it comes to Pokemon-V and holo-rares, I went pretty well. I ended up with seven holo-rares, which is excellent because the more people you pull, the more rare slotswon will not be filled with something of a larger rarity. The Hisuian Lilligant, which is just an adorable new Pokemon, is also included in this set. Ultra Rare Lilligant cards, which I hope to get in my next release.

I received four Pokemon-V, which is less than usual, but that''s because cards of higher rarity were taken into account. The V included Beedrill, Luxray, the new species Hisuian Sneasler, and the set mascot Origin Forme Dialga V. Let''s get into the big hitters.

Come on! A box that also includes either a Full Art and a Secret Rare or two full arts is a pretty good box. That''s ano complaints kind of box. However, pulling a Full Art andtwo Secret Rares makes this an absolutely fantastic box. With no guarantee for a Secret Rare, pulling two is such a great surprise.

Before going back to the beginning, let''s take a look at the Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR, which is one of the set mascots. Then, Heatran VMAX is one of the two VMAXes available in the set, which I was quite pleased to pull. VSTAR and VMAX are of the same level of rarity, although they are not as rare as a Full Art. Generally, you can expect between two and zero of these cards per box, so again excellent

Heatran made two copies of my first-ever Radiant Pokemon. Radiant Pokemon is a card illustrating a species in its Shiny form, with the actual figure itself being sculpted in etched foil. This is a card you must see in person as, like Amazing Rares, the digital artwork does this type of thing no justice.

The most notable wins of the box are on the second row of the picture. A Full Art Beedrill V, the Hisuian Typhlosion VSTAR (yess, my chase card!) and a Gold Secret Jubilee Village, all gleaming beautifully with fine art on etched foil. If I had to pull one of my Typhlosion hits and one alone, I''m so sorry that it was this highly coveted Rainbow Rare version.

Note that Radiant Pokemon can be found in the Reverse Holo slot. At first, I was concerned to see this because I love the Trainer Gallery subset, which can also be found in the Reverse Holo slot. It felt somewhat like the presence of these Radiant Cards did not decrease my pull rate, however.

While my Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars opening, I said, there is usually three to five Trainer Gallery hits in a booster box. My assumption (which isn''t yet confirmed) is that Radiant Pokemon does not take away from the number of Trainer Gallery hits in a box.

This time around, I retrieved three Character Rares (Gallade, Mightyena, and Bronzor, both of whom are some of the best-looking cards in the set), and a Gold & Black Secret Rare Calyrex VMAX. That means that the Trainer Gallery subset has made this athree Secret Rare booster box!

As I begin my Pull Rate Quest series to educate our readers about what they can expect from this exciting new set, my Sword & Shield Astral Radianceopening series starts with a bang. Thanks again to The Pokemon Company and stay tuned to Bleeding Cool.

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