These Are The TCG Illustration Contest Winners for 2022

These Are The TCG Illustration Contest Winners for 2022

We at Bleeding Cool showcased some of the finest artwork you''ve ever seen with an interesting twist, though. Most of these designs were not coming to an upcoming expansion like our other preview series. Today, I ran through my personal selections from the Top 300 submissions as chosen by TPCI. Today, let''s start the series by looking at the Runners-Up.

Both entries will not be rejected into cards.Ross Draws illustrates a beautiful Arcanine cuddling with Oddish an unlikely due, but a cute one andMingo illustrates Pikachu by way of Lisa Frank. Both of these are gorgeous and unique images but the artists will be paid $1,000 each.

These two teams are the top runners-ups who will not be turned into cards, but there are more people who will receive $500 for their positions. The complete list can be found here.

REND, who will receive $5,000 for their Arcanine card, is the first runner-up from Japan and the United States of America. Japan''s Kasai Taiga illustrated Bulbasaur with its vines and Julie Hang drew a moody Greninja, depicting this popular Pokemon brooding. Each of the three top entries will be given $3,000.

For more information on these fantastic submissions to the 2022 Illustration Contest, check out the entire collection right here. Keep an eye on Bleeding Cool for updates on all things Pokemon daily.

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