This week, DayZ will receive a new explosive update

This week, DayZ will receive a new explosive update

Bohemia Interactive has released a brand new feature and release, which includes a slew of new features and enhancements. Unlike the previous version, you will now encounter a new train wreck scenario on the map, but you may find unexpected encounters along the railroads all over the map, and a new compact Derringer, a sawed-off Blaze rifle, and the Revolver can be purchased. Click here for a teaser preview.

The Grenade Launcher M79 is a great deal of fun, with three kinds of 40mm ammunition available. Players may also hunt for and find smoke grenades, explosive grenades, and even rare P-OX grenades. This allows you to strike the flanks in a firefight with the famous Clamore Mine, which has caused immense damage at close range.

Ever looted a heli crash? Then you know how exciting dynamic events can be. With updates 1.18, the map''s variety has been expanded. They include dynamic train wrecks, which range from civilian to military trains, and some of the best loot available, including the M79. Be careful, because former passengers may appear in terrible swarms if you happen to make too much noise.

The Derringer is very small enough to fit into a bear, although the double-barrel.357 provides enough damage to endure a fatal blow. If you like combining different load-outs, then the Blaze and Revolver now have craftable sawed-off options. These variations reduce the weapon''s weight and a number of slots required in the inventory, making them ideal secondary weapons during heated combat when reloading is simply not an option.

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