These Are the 2022 Winners of the Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest

These Are the 2022 Winners of the Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest

Most of these artwork were not coming to an upcoming expansion like our other preview series. Today, we will look at the winners chosen by Bleeding Cool, which means they will actually become cards.

In the future, the illustrations here will all be turned into promotional cards. Keep an eye on Bleeding Cool for information about when and where you will be able to get these, as well as whether or not they will be exclusive to the illustrator''s country of Japan or the United States.

The winner isREND, who will receive $5,000 for this Arcanine card displaying the Fire-type Pokemon lazing about with a Fletchling. The other two winners are the first runners-up from Japan and the United States of America. Japan''sKasai Taiga uses its cheerful face to depict this popular Pokemon bouncing up and down. Each of these will be paid $3,000.

It was a pleasure to go through these cards and giving my thoughts on each of them. There is so much work out there, so much of it is now closer to being discovered due to the attention this contest has given. If it was up to me, I''d be happy to collect an entire set of 300 front-runners!

For more on these amazing submissions to the 2022 Illustration Contest, visit the whole collection right here. Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for coverage on all things Pokemon every day.

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