One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend Has Been Announced at Ankama Games

One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend Has Been Announced at Ankama Games

Ankama Games, an Indie developer and publisher, has revealed their latest project on the way with. This game is a rogue-lite deck-builder in which they have combined exploration and strategic combat to form an interesting storyline. You''ll travel to different locations through Wakfu, while also making destructive card combos to defeat all those who would stand in your way. The game does not have a release date yet, but it appears to be a completely different version here.

Players will travel to fantastical locations as they master Wakfu''s power to create devastating combos and waste all who stand in their way. Ankama''s rich multimedia heritage in comic books, anime, and games, with a bold design, a vibrant colour palette, and stunning effects, is sure to capture the imaginations of many players.

  • Discover the "World of Twelve" universe and the adventures of Oropo: Pass through the portal and explore vibrant procedurally generated levels. Choose the smartest path, fight fantastic creatures, and take part in events that will make you stronger or not.
  • Grow stronger and master the powers of Wakfu: The natural energy of Wakfu is unique to the World of Twelve. You must learn to use the variations in its flow to your advantage if you want to defeat the most fearsome creatures.
  • Meet eccentric characters and complete quests: From a dojo master to a body-building granny, the One More Gate universe is full of unique characters who will send you on increasingly tricky missions in exchange for fabulous loot.
  • Collect cards and create destructive combos: Crushing monsters, opening chests, spending kamas to buy a peddler''''s wares There are many ways to expand your deck with the help of the approximately 100 cards available in the game.
  • Each run is unique: There are countless secrets waiting for you to discover: gems with unexpected powers, divine blessings and dangerous curses. Are you ready to pass to the other side?

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