In the Daily LITG, Muller talks about Scully on the 19th of June 2022

In the Daily LITG, Muller talks about Scully on the 19th of June 2022

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Yesterday, Muller spoke about Scully in the ten most-read stories.

ICYMI: more you may prefer from yesterday.

If you liked more LITG about comics, here''s the answer.

  • Blue Beetle vs Dinosaurs and the Threat from Saturn, Up for Auction
  • New A.X.E.: Judgment Day Teaser Features Clenched Uranos
  • "The Outlaw Batman" On Trial in Detective Comics, Up for Auction
  • Green Eggs And Thank FOC It''''s The 18th of June, 2022
  • Jon Kent Superman, Jace Fox Batman, Yara Flor Wonder Girl Hershey Bars
  • Tee Franklin Revives Charlotte Webber, Sun-Spider, For Marvel
  • Grant Morrisoning The TARDIS in the Daily LITG, 18th of June 2022

Nick Spencer smuggled Spider-Man for Substack in LITG a year ago.

Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis were married to LITG two years ago.

Bleeding Cool''s article on social media has finally been published. This includes the Cameron Stewart article and other items in the works. I hope you understand why these stories take longer to read than others.

Clark Kent, who worked with LITG three years ago, became an avid girlfriend.

At the time, everything appeared more pleasant, but who knew it.

Comic Book birthdays today

There might be a lot of party atmosphere right now. It all depends on which state you are living in. Despite the fact that comic folk are still growing up, giving us a dozen years of service.

  • Dan Buckley, President of Marvel Entertainment
  • Dan Fraga, artist onand director of the
  • Andy Liegl, Sales Manager Valiant Entertainment
  • David Accampo, writer of Lost Angels
  • Gabe Fieramosco, comic show organiser as Atomic Crush Entertainment
  • Alonso Nunezof Little Fish Comics Studio

If you are interested in comics and have a birthday coming up, or you know someone who has passed over

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